Ghosts in the Rubicon Machine

TMDC has a short article by CSM member Ali Aras about a new type of site being introduced in Rubicon.  There is also a forum thread kicked off by CCP Affinity that describes the sites.  So far they sound pretty interesting.  Here are the details from the thread:

Ghost Sites:

  • Ghost sites are a new, rare type of cosmic anomaly (not signature).
  • They will appear on your system scanner and will be a new style of exploration site featuring fast paced hacking and combat.
  • Ghost Sites will be in ALL areas of space – including WH
  • It’s tailored to be run solo if you want to but to allow for disruption gameplay. It may be beneficial to take a team with you, but there will be nothing in the site that forces you to take a group or be at a disadvantage.
  • The first player to enter sets off the trigger and the site timer trigger will be random. Sometimes you will have 5 minutes in the site… sometimes 20 and lots of variations in between.
  •  The sites do not have scattering – they are lootable containers after they are hacked
  • There will be multiple containers in each site – 4 of them!
  • The cans will be scannable
  • Either a hacking module or an analyzing module will work
  • Potentially, (CCP Affinity seemed to like the idea) looting the cans will give you a yellow Crimewatch flag
  • The NPCs do not spawn until the timer expires
  • The timer will be random so you never know when the NPCs will arrive so you will take a chance with each container
  • When the NPCs appear [there may be some delay – see below], the cans will explode (and potentially do damage to nearby player ships)
  • The NPCs are still being tweaked but they should be pretty tough and yes, there will be a slight delay
  • Thematically the NPCs are there to stop you getting access to the loot and would rather blow up the containers than have you receive anything. When the timer expires, the NPCs will appear and a minute or two later the cans will explode – if you wish to take your chances and tank the NPCs to give yourself an extra few minutes to continue hacking then that is a choice you will have to make knowing that if they damage you too much, the exploding can may kill you.



  • Sites in each area of space will drop slightly different items, including blueprints for the first ever implant set to be manufactured by players. The blueprints and one of the required materials will be sourced from the Ghost Sites.
  • The set will follow the standard pirate high-grade sets.
  • All materials needed for production will not be available in WH space – no single area of space will have everything they need without moving stuff
  • The new set of player manufactured pirate implants, called ‘Ascendancy’ implants will vastly improve your warp speed
  • All implants will provide a +3 in their respective Character Attribute.
  • We chose high-grades over low-grades due to the rarity level we wanted them to be at
  • The ingredients will be a mix of PI materials, some trit and items dropped from the ghost sites
  • The implants can be manufactured in all stations that have manufacturing lines and in Equipment Assembly Arrays
  • The current total bonus to warp speed is 53.6% with all 6 slots (Alpha-Omega)
  • The current stats might not be the final numbers as we want to look at over-all speeds and make sure it’s not breaking something unexpected. (Everything is still WIP obviously)
  • The blueprint for the best implant will only be in the loot tables in WH space** but can be manufactured anywhere you can manufacture modules
  • There will be no blueprints for the implants available in high sec at all. The high sec sites will only have access to the material needed to build the implants. If you want a blueprint – you need to go out of your comfort zone and go to low, null or WH space.

 So all in all, this looks pretty interesting.  The fact that these are high-value sites that show up on the on-board scanner means you really have to be on your toes when you are in low-sec or below.  Anyone in local could be warping to you!  Sounds like a great conflict driver and it definitely skews towards combat ships.  I only hope that the loot is indeed valuable enough to drive people there.  Warp speed improvement isn’t very high on my list of things to spend money on, but maybe it is for freighter pilots. 

** This drew the entirely predictable and yet still funny response from Goonswarm.