Rubicon: The Real Exploration Expansion?



Which one looks like the explorer to you?  :)

In Odyssey we got a faster/smoother scanning update and a mini-game that replaced the rats at data/relic sites and some other forgettable changes.  I am not complaining, but there was nothing that was really exciting here.  Kind of like – well, a minivan.

In Rubicon, we get new Ghost Sites that will add quite a bit of flavor to exploration.  We get 2 new Sisters of Eve exploration ships that have the potential to completely transform exploration.  I am holding off writing about them until the details get finalized.  Siphons are not directly tied to exploration, but they might add some interesting options as they mature.  The space depot deployable could be HUGE for exploration – if (and it is a big IF) it allows T3’s to swap subsystems.  If it doesn’t, it will still be very big for the aforementioned SOE ships.  We get auto-loot tractor beams that could have a major effect on ninja salvaging/looting and a minor effect on combat site running.

Time to fire up the Jeep!