Blood 5/10 Blood Raiders Pyschotropic Depot

The Blood Raiders Psychotropic Depot is a DED rated 5/10 complex found in the low-sec regions of Aridia, Genesis, Kador, Khanid, Kor-Azor, and The Bleak Lands.

It is a 3 room complex with the “Exsanguinator” as the final boss.   The official wiki does a nice job of listing the ships you will encounter.

Room 1:

1 Sentry Gun

21 Frigates

7 Cruisers

2 Battlecruisers

3 Battleships (Harbringer and Achbishop neut to 25km)

Room 2:

8 Sentry Guns

6 Frigates

3 Destroyers

5 Cruisers

11 Battlecruisers

8 Battleships (Harbringer and Achbishop neut to 25km)

Room 3

9 Sentry Guns

9 Cruise Missile Batteries

3 Light/Heavy Missile Batteries

3 Stasis Web Towers (Stasis web; 40-45km away)

11 Frigates

1 Destroyer

10 Cruisers

6 Battleships (Harbringer and Achbishop neut to 25km, but they start 50km away)

1 Overseer Cruiser (Exsanguinator)


First of all, I use this Tengu Fitting.  It has the range to kill the neuting battleships and stasis webs and the tank to blitz the last room once the webs are down.

Room 1:  I use Mjolnir Rage Heavy Assault Missiles on battleships and battlecruisers.  With this fit and my skills I have about 34km range.  Use this range to stay at least 25km away from any of the neuting battleships and kill them first.  Then switch to Mjolnir Javelin Heavy Assault Missiles and take out everything else.  Ignore the Sentry Gun.

Room 2:  Same as room 1, it just takes a bit longer.  There are potentially more neuting battleships here (I have seen as many as 4) so keeping them all at least 25km away may take some manual piloting.  The Harbringers are more likely to neut than the Archbishops so kill them first.  Again, I ignore the Sentry Guns.

Room 3: Load up on Mjolnir Javelin Heavy Assualt Missiles while warping to the room.  Immediately target the web towers and take them out.  They are usually about 40-45km from your warp in point so you will need the range of the javelins.  The damage in this room is significant.  The 20 sentry guns/ missile towers will all hit you at once, but after that the damage evens out a bit.  The fit posted above tanks 800 Blood Raider dps and does just fine here.  If you have less than that, you should align as soon as you land just in case you need to warp out quickly.  As soon as the 3 stasis towers are down, I switch targets to the Exsanguinator and burn toward him on afterburner.  (Note this also takes you in the opposite direction of the neuting battleships).  The Mjolnir Javelin missiles will usually kill him without reloading.  At this point you can bookmark the wreck and warp out.  After a couple of minutes you can come back and the site will have despawned leaving the wreck.  If you trust your tank, you can also continue burning toward the wreck and loot it as long as you aren’t taking too much damage and the neuting battleships are still comfortably far away.


Bounties are about 10-15 million.  18th Tier Overseer’s Personal Affects (guaranteed drop) is about 42 million.  You may also get Dark Blood modules, Corpum B-type modules, and/or an Ashimmu BPC.    The best drops I have received are a Corpum B-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane worth about 375 million and a Corpum B-Type Medium Armor Repairer worth about 190 million.  You can get more than one drop or you may get nothing.  Best payout ~500 million.  Worst payout ~42 million.