Blood 6/10 Crimson Hand Supply Depot

The Crimson Hand Supply Depot is a DED rated 6/10 complex found in the low-sec regions of Aridia, Genesis, Kador, Khanid, Kor-Azor, and The Bleak Lands.

It is a 5 room complex with the “Crimson Lord” as the final boss and the “Crimson Sentinel” as an optional boss.  The official wiki does a nice job of listing the ships you will encounter.

Room 1:

5 Sentry Guns

17 Destroyers

3 Battleships

Room 2:

3 Sentry Guns

2 Cruise Missile Batteries

2 Stasis towers (Stasis Web; doesn’t hit on warp in)

8 Destroyers

5 Battleships (Harbringer and Achbishop neut to 25km)

Loot: Crimson Hand Container (contains unneccesary gate pass; may contain loot)

Room 3

Crimson Sentinel (stasis web at warp in)

12 Battleships

Room 4a (optional) Supply Sector

14 Sentry Guns

9 Cruise Missile Batteries

21 Destroyers

5 Battleships (Harbringer and Archbishop neut to 25km)

Room 4b

14 Sentry Guns

4 Cruise Missile Batteries

6 Battleships (Harbringer and Archbishop neut to 25km)

Crimson Lord


First of all, I use this Tengu Fitting. It has the range to kill the neuting battleships and stasis webs and the tank to blitz the last room once the neuting battleships are taken down.  It can kill the Crimson Lord without reloading (important since he repairs significantly in 10 seconds) if you start with a full load of ammo.

Room 1: I use Mjolnir Rage Heavy Assault Missiles on battleships and battlecruisers. Then switch to Mjolnir Javelin Heavy Assault Missiles and take out everything else. Ignore the Sentry Guns.

Room 2: There are potentially neuting battleships here (I have seen as many as 2) so keep them at least 25km away and take them out first.  The Harbringers are more likely to neut than the Archbishops.  After that I switch to Javelins and take out the web towers and the destroyers.  Again, I ignore the Sentry Guns.  Check out the loot container.  I rarely find anything there, but it can have at least Dark Blood loot so it is worth checking.

Room 3:  This rooms sucks.  The Crimson Sentinel webs you upon warp in.  It has 100,000 structure HP and reps almost its entire shield and armor every few seconds if you are within 60km.  You land about 45km from it (and the gates) and it webs to 50km.  You don’t have to kill it and I usually don’t.  It supposedly contains Dark Blood loot, but I haven’t ever gotten anything from it.  I burn towards the Command Center gate (skipping the optional 4a room) and kill as many battleships as possible using Mjolnir Rage missiles.  There are usually 3-5 battleships that will stay 38-41km away and are outside of Mjolnir Rage range.  For those last ships, it is helpful to have some Caldari Navy Mjolnir Heavy Assualt Missiles.  If you don’t have them, just use Mjolnir Javelins.  They will kill them eventually, it is just slow.  Due to high Kinetic resists, it is better to use Mjolnir missiles.  The only exception is the Crimson Sentinel.  If you decide to move out to 60+km to kill it, you should use your highest damage type (Kinetic for Tengu’s).

Room 4b (Command Center).  FIRST check for any neuting battleships (Harbringers and sometimes Archbishops).  If they are present, you need to kill them first.  If there aren’t any, you can just burn toward the Crimson Lord.  He has a very tough tank and reps both shield and armor very rapidly.  Due to high kinetic resists, you should use Mjolnir missiles.  I like to start firing at 30km and orbit at 1km.  With 580 EM dps, he will die without reloadding (if you start out full).  Loot and leave!


Bounties are about 15-20 million. 19th Tier Overseer’s Personal Affects (guaranteed drop) is about 52 million. You may also get Dark Blood modules, Corpum A-type modules, and/or an Ashimmu BPC. The best drops I have received are a Corpum A-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane worth about 910 million and a Corpum A-Type Medium Armor Repairer worth about 330 million. You can get more than one drop or you may get nothing. Best payout ~1.1 billion. Worst payout ~52 million.