Rubicon Exploration Snippets

Thanks to some fantastic work by Sugar Kyle at Eve FanFest Vegas, the high sec exploration sites (1/10, 2/10, hideouts, lookouts) will now also spawn in lowsec.  This gives some great opportunities to frigate pilots and exploration newbies that would like to join lowsec corporations and still have a little opportunity to make isk.  It also adds even more options to the already very nice Astero.  Forum post is here.


Also, the new deployable mobile depot was given to a few players on Sisi.

Early reports say the following:

The mobile depot provides capsuleers with their very own base in space. It won’t offer protection – no one is ever truly safe in New Eden – but once deployed it can, at the very least, allow the capsuleer to store their most valuable belongings when under fire, and to refit their ship to better fight back against assailants.

Volume 50m3 capacity 3000m3
shield/armor/structure 5000/5000/75000
anchoring time is 45 seconds
can’t be launched closer that 6km to another mobile depot
can’t be launched closer than 40 km  from a tower/50 km from a station
can’t refit subsystems**  

edit 4 Nov 2013, 4:35pm


Refitting on the mobile home is personal only, it doesn’t care about fleets or corps or standings

And yes it can be used in combat, although your opponent can reinforce it very easily which shuts off the refitting service

Shows on D-scan and can be probed

** Unfortunate, but expected.  T3 subsystems use different fitting logic and can’t even be refitted in an SMA.  This is a just a letdown for explorers, but a major disappointment for wormhole dwellers. 

*** All of this has been corrected – including Orcas and SMA’s.  See this wonderful post by CCP Paradox.