C.S. Lewis on EVE ONLINE

Prelude to Space

An Epithalamium

So Man, grown vigorous now,

Holds himself ripe to breed,

Daily devises how

To ejaculate his seed

And boldly fertilize

The black womb of the unconsenting skies.


Some now alive expect

(I am told) to see the large,

Steel member grow erect,

Turgid with the fierce charge

Of our whole planet’s skill,

Courage, wealth, knowledge, concentrated will,


Straining with lust to stamp

Our likeness on the abyss-

Bombs, gallows, Belsen camp,

Pox, polio, Thais’ kiss

Or Judas, Moloch’s fires

And Torquemada’s (sons resemble sires).


Shall we, when the grim shape

Roars upward, dance and sing?

Yes: if we honour rape,

If we take pride to Ring

So bountifully on space

The sperm of our long woes, our large disgrace.


 – C.S. Lewis