Rubicon top 6

Rixx Javix posted the top six things he was looking forward to in Rubicon.  I thought I would do the same.

#1.  New mobile deployable units.  Mostly the mobile depot (now that it allows swapping of T3 subsystems), but I am also excited to play with the tractor beam and maybe even the siphon.  I rarely loot or salvage when I run sites, but the tractor beam may make that worthwhile.  Especially the higher end drone sites.  They may provide me with the varieties of minerals that I need for the small amount of lowsec manufacturing that I do.

#2.  Ghost sites.  These look like fun.  I already like to speed hack and I usually do it in a combat capable ship so this is right up my alley.

#3.  Stratios and Asteros.  They look cool and I think they will be great for up and coming explorers.  Unfortunately, I have shield and missile skills, not drone and armor skills.  It will be a couple of months before I can capably fly either of these ships.  I am toying with the idea of starting an alt with dual training just to fly the Asteros.  It would be good blog fodder.   I am also going to switch my training over to fly the Stratios on my main.  I am concerned that these ships are a predecessor to nerfing T3’s.

#4.  The changes to Rapid Light Assault Missiles and the new Rapid Heavy Assault Missiles.  I am curious to see how these play out.  Burst dps has never been a strength for missile users so it is nice to have that option.  I have some Caracal fits that I would like to try.  Some very cheap lowsec PVP opportunities.  I might even try some covert Tengu fits with the rapid lights.

#5.  Implant manufacturing.  I guess this is really a subset of the Ghost sites, but my character is build around the idea of exploring space, finding blueprints, and building them.  He has a combination of science and industry skills just for this purpose.  I find it improves the margins I get on site drops.

#6.  Highsec exploration sites now appearing in lowsec.  On the one hand, this means there is a lot more signatures that I will have to sort through and skip when I am roaming in my Tengu.  On the other hand, I do miss doing some of the highsec sites and if I find some close to my supply base, it would be fun to run them for the variety.  I’ll have to move in a couple of frigates.

I only wish I had more time to play!