Goals for the site

So I started this whole blogging thing  a couple of weeks ago with this post.  I didn’t really have a plan for the blog, just some general principles of staying with what I know (exploration) and trying to post somewhat frequently so that those of you who are bored at work have something else to read.

I have done 20 posts now and decided it would be a good idea to set some goals or something.  I would like to have a write-up and fit for all of the lowsec combat exploration sites (and their escalations).  I have done three so far and I am shooting for 1 per week.  Call it the complex of the week or something.  I will also probably continue the Friday poetry habit.

In between, I want to do a new players guide to the exploration career path over the course of about 6 posts.

I am undecided on listing Eve metics like Skill Points and Isk amount.

I am toying with the idea of a “Throwback Thursday” where I highlight now defunct blog posts that were really good at the time.  I am not sure I have enough material to sustain this one.

I will also include a scattering of personal experiences and observations.

Does anyone else have suggestions for what they would like to see?  I would love some feedback.  I get a fair amount of hits each day, but not very many comments.  I suppose that is typical.

Finally, I would love it if someone could point me to some other exploration blogs out there.  I haven’t seen very many that are active.  Let me know if you have (an active) one or know of them and I will link them.

Thanks for reading!

P.S.  This is an Eve blog because that is all I am playing right now.  However, I played WoW for a long time before playing Eve.  I left during Cataclysm and didn’t look back until recently.  Nostalgia is a strong force and I am feeling the pull

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    1. Pilgrim in Exile Post author

      I am not sure that I play consistently enough to be a good benchmark. But I play only one account and I have paid for it with ISK for at least 12 months.

      Thank you for the feedback though. I will throw a reminder in my drafts and see if it turns into anything.

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