More Deployable Unit Suggestions

So far, there are the four new mobile structures being deployed in Rubicon.  They are:

1) Mobile Depot – Allows storage of items and refitting of ships.  Has a reinforcement timer.

2) Mobile Tractor Unit – Tractors in wrecks owned by the player and auto-loots them.  Lots of storage and 50,000 HP

3) Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor – Bblocks non-covert cynosural fields for 100km.

4) Mobile Siphon Unit – Steals from moon harvesting and processing arrays.

Apparently, there are additional mobiles structures planned for release later – I am looking forward to hearing about them.  The ones introduced so far have been creative and useful.

CCP Fozzie put out a call for more suggestions for new Mobile Deployable Units.  After skimming the thread, here are my ideas for some additional mobile structures.  Like the first 4, these are intended to be somewhat disruptive to the status quo and possibly allow for interesting or emergent gameplay.  These ideas are my own, but at least partially inspired by some of the suggestions in the thread.  I didn’t read all of it and any CCP employees that do definitely have my sympathy.  There is alot of crap in that thread.  So here are my own (crappy) suggestions:

1)  Local D-scan Inhibitor – Prevents ships within 250km from appearing on d-scan.  This works both ways – ships within 250km can’t see anything on d-scan either.  The inhibitor itself shows on D-scan and is probable.  Could be used to hide a fleet (until someone probes it out and sends a scout) or could be used offensively to blind a fleet so they can’t see ships coming unless they send someone out of range of the inhibitor.

2) Mobile Cap Recharger Inhibitor – Reduces the capacitor recharge rate of all ships within 100km by 15%.  Could be used to disrupt or break fleets that over-rely on cap stability.  Multiple units do not stack.  Probably needs to be prohibited from hisec or at least destructable with no suspect flag to prevent overuse in harassing mission runners.

3) Mobile Ammo Reprocessing Depot – Depot that is loaded with a BPO or BPC for a particular ammo type.  Allows reprocessing of modules to create that ammunition.  Fast run time and high scrap rate.  Basically, it would allow highly inefficient restocking of ammo when no stations or POS’s are available.  Potentially could be used for Tech 2 ammo using BPC’s.  Maybe non-configurable – once it is loaded with a BPO/BPC, that is all it can make.

4)  Mobile Drone Decoy – Every 30 seconds sends a pulse that causes drones to lose their targets for 10 seconds.  Range 100km.

5)  Mobile Wormhole Generator – Allows creation of a random wormhole.  Only works in K-space.  Different generators created different bands of wormholes.  Type 1 creates WH’s to C1, C2, HS.  Type 2 creates WH’s to C3,C4,LS.  Type 3 creates WH’s to C5,C6,NS.  Needs some kind of cooldown or expense to control usage.  Either expensive and has a 20 hour cooldown or disposable, but each system will only support the creation of 4 WH’s per day.  Something to prevent just cycling through WH’s until you get the one you want.

6) Mobile Ship Storage Depot- Basically a secure storage container that a ship (or ships) could be parked in.  Mass limit up to 1 battleship.  Shows up on d-scan and is probable, but has high HP and a reinforcement timer similar to the Mobile Depot.  If destroyed, the stored ships have a 50% chance of dropping (like the SMA’s).  This would allow players to swap ships without having an Orca, but at the risk of being discovered.

**edit 15 Nov 2013, I added one more to the list. 

7) Anti-Ewar Missile Battery – Loaded with scripts (ecm, neuts, damps,etc).  Detects any ships using the loaded type of Ewar and fires missiles at them.  100km range.  Max of 3 targets.  Alternatively, instead of missiles, it could use the same type of Ewar back at them.

I doubt any of these will be implemented, but it will be fun to see the ones that are.


4 thoughts on “More Deployable Unit Suggestions

  1. Cora

    I like your ideas, especially the d-scan inhibitor.

    The wh generator is way too strong. Nullsec is already very accessible with jump freighters. With the wh generator you could just get your oen direct highsec anytime you need it and freighter stuff through.

    1. Pilgrim in Exile Post author

      I agree wh generator needs some controls. Maybe only the C5/C6/NS generator would work in NS? Or since wormhole connections from k-space to k-space all already pretty rare, perhaps the generator follows the same probability. With a high cooldown or expense or both then generating one from NS would either be lucky or costly…

      1. Cora

        I’m not sold on this version either, as it can be used to farm c5/6 sites.

        What about one that sends you to the same sec? Null->null, high->high etc? Limit its mass to 1-3b to prevent invasions in your backyard. It would still allow a roaming fleet to do some disrupting wherever they end. And maybe limit it to k-space altogether.

  2. Pilgrim in Exile Post author

    Null to Null would certainly be interesting. It would be perfect for roaming explorers and would give roaming gangs some raiding options – especially with the refitting services and the ability to plant siphons. I rather like the idea.

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