Exploration Log 18-Nov-2013

Welcome to the Exploration Log. The semi-regular updates where I report actual exploration game time along with the results.

Game Time:  Approx 2.5 hours (non-continuous with multiple interruptions)

Location(s):  Blood Raider Null Sec; Guristas Null Sec

System Count: 17 (Blood Raiders) + 7 (Guristas) = 24

Sites Run: Combat 0, Data 5, Relic 3

Ship(s) Used:  Exploration Tengu

Profit: ~150 million isk**

Comments:  Most of my play time lately has been in short bursts of 20-30 minutes.  I have had to leave a few combat sites unfinished due to interruptions so I decided to focus on data/relic sites since they are a better fit with my available time.  Since nullsec is much better for this than lowsec, I clone jumped to my exploration Tengu and headed out into nullsec.  The first several systems had basically nothing.  I followed an NS-NS wormhole into Guristas space and ran 1 data site before coming back.  Nearly 120 million of my profit happened in the last 2 systems and last 30 minutes.  I traveled and scanned 22 systems and received 30 million in loot.  On my last 2 systems, I picked up the rest.  Random chance figures heavily in Exploration.  First, there have to be sites.  Second, the sites have to contain good loot.  Third, you have to be able to hack the site (even with near perfect skills/rigs/implants and tactics you can still get unlucky on the really tough ones).  Fourth, you have to grab the right containers on the loot scatter.

** For simplicity sake, I will just use the loot value displayed in the inventory screen.  In reality, I will actually consume most of the materials and use them in invention and/or rig manufacturing.  I usually gain about 20% over inventory value by doing this, but I don’t keep track of every transaction. 

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