Tech 2 Turret Change

I missed this until I read the patch notes:

“All Tech 2 turrets have had their skill requirements cut. They will now not require smaller turret requirements to be trained. Please refer to this Dev Blog for more details.”

This is a great change.  It brings Turret Skill in line with Missile skills in that you no only need to train the lower level Turret skills to III before being able to focus on the larger Turret skills.  I looked at what I needed to train to be able to fly a Nightmare and getting to Large Beam Laser Specialization was crazy.  So I put it off.

I once had an old math teacher that told me “Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow, because tomorrow you might not have to do it.”  Generally, that is pretty bad advice, and if you follow it all the time, you will have a miserable life.  But every once it awhile that crazy old teacher is proved a genius.

However, this probably changes nothing for me right now.  I am stilling planning on working on my drone and then armor skills to open up options for the Stratios, the Amarr missile ships, or some of the shield drone ships.  But since I am changing my long term goals all the time – who knows?  That Nightmare just got a lot closer.