Oh Goblin, Where Art Thou?

So, where I live, the leaves are falling from the trees.  Eve has launched its 20th Expansion.  And Gevlon is yet again looking for his “Why” in Eve.  Surprise, surprise.

I don’t really claim to understand Gevlon, but after reading this article as part of an upcoming post, I understand him a little better now.

“So why does Gevlon** play? Gevlon plays to prove something, primarily to prove how good he is. You see, Gevlon sees the game as a mental challenge by which he can define and demonstrate his abilities. Gevlon gets his greatest joy from winning because his motivation is using the game to show what he is capable of. Anything less than success is a failure because that is the yardstick he is judging himself against.”

So Gevlon, can’t wait to see what you will prove next!

goblin proof

** In the original article, it says “Spike” instead of Gevlon.  More about Spike, Johnny, and Timmy in an upcoming post