Exploration Log 20-Nov-2013

Welcome to the Exploration Log. The semi-regular updates where I report actual exploration game time along with the results.

Game Time: Approx 2 hours (non-continuous)

Location(s): Blood Raider Null Sec; Blood Raider Low Sec

System Count: 13 (Blood Raiders NS) + 7 (Blood Raiders LS) = 20

Sites Run: Combat 2, Escalation 1, Data 1, Relic 1

Ship(s) Used: Exploration Tengu, Combat Tengu

Profit: ~180 million isk

Comments:  I ran 1 data and 1 relic site in Null Sec.  The relic site had a single can worth about 50 million isk, but I failed to hack it twice and got nothing.  Total looted from the 2 sites was only about 20m. Jumped into lowsec and emptied my ship at a station for pickup later.  Returned to NS and found several systems with no signatures. I docked at an NPC station in NS and clone jumped to my Blood Raider lowsec home station.

I scouted my home system finding a wormhole that went nowhere.

I scouted two neighboring systems and they each had a Blood Minor Annex.  I ran both of the combat sites using the same fit and same tactics.  Oddly, the second one had significantly higher dps on warp in due to a slightly different combination of ships.  I was actually down to about 30% shields and 30% capacitor (after pulsing my shield booster a couple of times) before I killed the 3 neuting cruisers.  Both sites spawned a Dark Blood Overseer.  One dropped a Dark Blood Warp Scrambler, one dropped nothing.  One escalated, one didn’t.  I only had time to run the first site of the escalation.  It dropped a Dark Blood Warp Disruptor and escalated again.  Hopefully I have time to run the next escalation before it expires.  Bounties were about 10 million.