Back from Break

This past weekend was a Thanksgiving holiday in the US.  I spent it visiting family and away from Eve.  As per family tradition we spent at least one day pheasant hunting.  I am not an avid hunter in any sense of the term, but I did have a good time.  We had a small group (about 8) and I think we got 13 birds.  I know I have been reading too many Eve blogs when I compare our “blockers” to “gate campers”.  Heh.

Anyway, it seems there is much to do after being away for 5 days.  Training queues, PI extraction, remembering where I am, etc.

I have mentioned previously about my love/hate relationship with PI.  Apparently I am back on the love side because I started messing with my setup again.  I have enough rocket fuel in both my current lowsec areas to manufacture all the missiles I need for a long time.  I had actually switched one of the storm planets over to make Coolant instead since Coolant is a bit more profitable.  But I have been eyeing manufacturing some of the new deployables and noticed that they all take PI products (mostly P3 with a few P4).  I reviewed my makeup of planets and discovered that if I drop my 2 storm planets and pickup a Gas and Temperate planet, then I can make all 15 Planetary Commodities.  I don’t need them in high volume, so I am still primarily producing my P2 products for sale.  Right now I am making Enriched Uranium +Precious/Toxic Metals (Plasma Planet), Oxides + Oxygen/Oxidizing Compound (Gas Planet), Miniature Electronics +Reactive Metals/Silicon (Lava Planet ), and Supertensile Plastics +Biomass (Ice Planet).  My new 5th planet is a Temperate one and it extracts small amounts of all 5 of its raw materials (Bacteria, Biofuels, Industrial Fibers, Proteins, Water) and serves as a manufacturing planet for anything I want to make.  This setup doesn’t make me any more isk, but it gives me flexibility to make my own deployables in lowsec for my use or for sale.

On the exploration side, I  scanned and found 2 wormholes in my home system.  One led to a C3 with a lowsec static.  That lowsec system turned out to be an empty lowsec island bordering on highsec.  After my little incident last time, I remembered to make sure I had a continuous path to Jita.  All being in order, I returned and picked up my Epithal full of PI products and exploration loot.  I made it the 3 jumps from Home-C3-LS-HS without incident and Red Frog took it the rest of the way.

Finally, I managed to grab my missing stasis web, just in time to find another Blood Minor Annex.  I ran it in under 30 minutes, but got no escalation and less than 10M in loot.

I am having to live vicariously through Deep In Eve since I still haven’t seen a Ghost site yet.  I am glad someone has!