Exploration Log 3-Dec-2013

Welcome to the Exploration Log. The semi-regular updates where I report actual exploration game time along with the results.

Game Time: Approx 3.5 hours (non-continuous)

Location(s): Angels Low Sec

System Count: 14

Sites Run: Drug Lab 1, Relic 1, Combat 1, Ghost 1

Ghost sites seen: 1 !!!!!

Ship(s) Used: Tengu

Profit: ~319 million isk

Comments: I finally found a Ghost Site!  There were 2 other pilots in local, but one was in a covops and the other was in a stealth bomber so they weren’t too threatening to my Tengu.  There was a small possibility they had friends the next system over, but I ran it anyway.  However, I think I was too excited and I failed the hack on the first container.  It exploded and caused about 4k worth of damage  (probably should have been less, but I forgot to turn my hardeners on).  By the time I got to the others (about 15km away), the NPC’s had shown up and blew up the rest.  Loot = 0.  :(

Ghost site lessons learned: research any valuable loot ahead of time, I didn’t see any Blueprints, but I wasn’t sure if any of the other stuff was worth anything – so I didn’t know which containers to go after first.  Also, I think I could do a couple more cans with a MWD instead of an afterburner.  I will try to tank more damage next time (and turn on my hardeners).  I think I got a mild case of The Shakes. :)  For fitting, I need enough buffer to absorb the explosion, but I think beyond that a small active tank would be helpful.  I believe I could tank the NPC’s while trying to hack a 2nd or 3rd can.

After getting skunked by the Ghost Site, I had a series of letdowns.  I scanned several data sites, but there were no BPCs.  I ran one relic site and got a grand total of 3M isk.  I ran a drug site thinking I was getting another of my favorite skillbooks, but I got a Neurotoxin Recovery skillbook (15M isk) instead.  Reading failure for the loss.  Moving on, I ran into some fairly significant pirate activity.  There was a gate camp of about 4 ships in one system and the pirate corp “7-2” was fighting someone the next system over with about 40 people in local.  I poked around a bit but didn’t think trying to do much in that environment was a good idea.  I was already fairly distracted and made lots of stupid mistakes (leaving stuff behind in a station, forgetting to bookmark sites, forgetting to cloak!!) so I was quite happy that I didn’t die.

Several of the systems had lots of signatures and I saw a fair number of the highsec exploration sites that are now in lowsec.  It is bit disappointing because some of them have the same signal strength as the higher end lowsec sites.  I tried to run an Angel Vigil site just to verify that it will allow Strategic Cruisers to enter.  It does.  However, the first room was bugged.  The gate was locked and there were no NPC’s (and no trigger “Smuggler’s Gate”) to unlock the gate so that was a waste of time.  I should probably stock some Angels tags just to get past bugged gates.

After 2.5 hours, I had only made about 20M isk.  That is pretty bad.  I was almost ready to quit for the night when I scanned down an Angel’s 5/10 Red Light District.  Local was a bit busy, but most people seemed to be passing through (lots of capsules – probably from either the gate camp or the fight) and there were just two resident pilots sitting in the single station.  I used my mobile depot to refit and ran the site.  It is a fairly simple site to run, but a bit time consuming due to the large number of battleships.  Loot was pretty good – especially compared to how I had been doing up until then.  I got about 14M in bounties, a Cynabal BPC, Overseers Affects, and a Gistum B-type EM Ward Amplifier.  Combined that was about 300M isk so I made money, got to see a Ghost site, and didn’t die.  All in all – a good night.

To celebrate, I logged into my no-skill station alt and donated a PLEX to the PLEX for GOOD campaign.  I had it in my head to donate a PLEX for each Ghost Site I found, but I was beginning to get worried that I wouldn’t see any before the Dec 7 deadline.  I am glad that I found at least one.

2 thoughts on “Exploration Log 3-Dec-2013

  1. Naoru Kozan

    Oh, new explorers in The Heath? As one of 7-2s more active carebears let me welcome you to the region. Competition for DED Plexs has been pretty high recently. I wish you luck during your stay in our beautiful region :)

    1. Pilgrim in Exile Post author

      Thank you! I did have a lovely stay. It is definitely one of the more active regions of non-FW lowsec. I’m not sure when I will be back again, but I try to take a lap around the racetrack every couple of weeks or so. Feel free to leave a plex open in my honor. ;)

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