Angel’s 5/10 Red Light District

The Angel’s Red Light District is a DED rated 5/10 complex found by scanning cosmic signatures in the low-sec regions of Heimatar, Metropolis, and Molden Heath.

It is a 3 room complex with the structure “Angel Retirement Home” as the final boss. The official wiki does a nice job of listing the ships you will encounter.

Room 1

1 Sentry Tower

21 Frigates

7 Cruisers

4 Battleships

2 Battlecruisers

angels 5-10 r1

Room 2

8 Sentry Guns

6 Frigates

3 Destroyers

5 Cruisers

11 Battlecruisers

8 Battleships

Structure: Gardan’s Fantasy Complex (Contains key for gate.  Key is not  consumed).

angels 5-10 r2

Room 3

4 Missile Batteries

9 Sentry Guns

3 Stasis Towers (stasis web on warp in)

8 Frigates

2 Destroyers

10 Cruisers

6 Battleships

angels 5-10 r3


I use my usual Tengu fit.  The complex is very comparable to other 5/10 complexes and does not require any particularly special tactics.  It does require a strong tank for the last room, but there is no dps threshold.  More dps will help you complete it faster of course.  Other than target painting, there is no E-war in the complex.  For the first room, you need to kill all defenders to activate the gate.  For the second room, you need to kill all defenders and have Gardan’s Private Key to access the gate.  You can use a key from a previous run (it is not consumed) or get a new one from Gardan’s Fantasy Complex structure in the second room.  The second room takes the longest due to the 8 battleships and 11 battlecruisers that you need to kill.

The final room has 3 stasis towers that hit you on warp-in.  The farthest is about 46km away so you will need at least that much range.  The damage in this room is quite high and it ramps up as more ships close it on you.  It is imperative to kill the stasis towers as quickly as possible and get moving.  Once you are moving, the incoming dps is high, but more manageable.  After the stasis towers, you can go directly after the Angels Retirement Home structure.  It has pretty significant shield tank of about 93,000 HP.  Resistances are all zero so use your highest damage ammo.  I switch to Scourge Rage missiles and orbit at 30km.  With my stats, I can kill it without reloading.  I usually bookmark the dropped cargo container and warp out.


Bounties are about 15-18 million. 18th Tier Overseer’s Personal Affects (guaranteed drop) is about 42 million. You may also get Domination modules, Gistum B-type modules, and/or a Cynabal BPC. The best drops are a Gistum B-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field worth about 550 million and a Gistum B-Type Medium Shield Booster worth about 300 million. You can get more than one drop or you may get nothing. Best payout ~850 million. Worst payout ~42 million.