Been there, Done that, Couldn’t find the T-shirt

I donated a PLEX for the Philippines relief effort.  I was proud to be part of it and it was pretty amazing that USD190,890 was raised and donated.  It was a good cause.

Also, I wanted a T-shirt.  I am not sure why, I just wanted it.  So each day after my donation and up to and after the Live Stream, I looked for some acknowledge from CCP that my donation had been received and that a T-shirt was incoming.  I checked mail on my characters – nothing.  I checked contracts – nothing.  I was worried that somehow I had contracted my PLEX to a scam character so I reviewed the contract and the recipient yet again.  It was correct.  So where was my T-shirt?

I was beginning to think they were just coming out late, when I started to see posts from other players about getting them and selling them.  I was seriously at the point of buying one off the market (and enduring the scorn of Gevlon).  Frankly, I figured it was easier to buy one that to figure out how to petition CCP to find my missing one.

Anyway, I had just decided to do it when I finally noticed the carefully blended “Redeem Items” at the bottom of the new Rubicon Log-In screen.  In case you missed it too, I added the BIG YELLOW ARROW to show where it is.

Click at the Bottom!

Click at the Bottom!

My noob moment has passed.  I now know how to get my free gifts – just in time for Christmas!