Exploration Log 13-Dec-2013

Welcome to the Exploration Log. The semi-regular updates where I report actual exploration game time along with the results.

Game Time: Approx 2 hours

Location(s): Blood Raiders Low Sec

System Count: 13

Sites Run: Combat 3 (escalations)

Ghost sites seen: 0

Ship(s) Used: Tengu

Profit: ~1 Billion isk

Comments: Usually escalations aren’t very profitable, but I have been running them anyway as part of the blog.  This time I was running Blood Raiders Powergrid (an escalation from a Blood Annex the day before).  I try to run complexes/escalations at least 2-3 times before I put up a guide just so that I see some of the variations.  This is my 3rd time running Powergrid, but it is the first time that it has escalated more than once.  The loot fairy was loving me today!  The first escalation dropped 175M isk of loot.  The second escalation dropped 75M isk.  The third escalation dropped 25M isk of loot and a Bhlaaghorn BPC (worth about 700M).  I actually didn’t even know that escalations could drop BPC’s before the final stage.  I suspect the drop rate is very, very low.  I ran out of time so I had to save the final escalation (in null sec) for the next day.  Bounties were about 22M isk total for the three sites.

Also, one of the escalations was in an old incursion system so I got to use my deep safe trick for setting up my mobile depot.  There is nothing like having your depot 48AU’s away from any celestial object!