For those of you that play around downtime…

(if you never play around Eve’s daily downtime, you may want to skip this)

Generally speaking, playing around downtime has a lot of drawbacks. You have stop what you are doing and plan around the downtime. You don’t know how long the downtime is going to be. And sometimes it can do funny things like make cargo cans disappear and sites to despawn.

Another thing I learned recently is that the server reset changes the contents of loot at exploration sites.

Here is a scan of a fairly typical relic site in Lowsec just a few minutes before downtime.

relic site just before shutdown (click to enlarge)

And here is the same site after downtime just a few minutes later. My ship orientation is different, but I arranged the scan windows in the same order for comparison purposes. The differences suggest a full re-randomization of loot.

relic site after shutdown (click to enlarge)

Now most of the time, this isn’t really that big of a deal. For anyone curious, this is a pretty typical lowsec medium relic site. After hacking the cans and collecting the loot spew, this is what I ended up with:

Total from the relic site ~7M isk

However – there is one site where this makes a 200M isk difference. If you happen to scan a drug lab site around downtime and notice a Neurotoxin Control Skillbook then you definitely want to run that site before downtime. I didn’t – and when I came back it was gone. That is how I discovered this. On the flip side, if you scan a drug site an don’t see the skillbook then it is probably worth leaving the site alone and re-visiting it after downtime to scan again and see if the loot has improved.