Exploration Log 19-Dec-2013

Welcome to the Exploration Log. The semi-regular updates where I report actual exploration game time along with the results.

Game Time: Approx 1.5 hours

Location(s): Blood Raiders Low Sec

System Count: 12

Sites Run: Combat 2

Ghost sites seen: 0

Ship(s) Used: Tengu

Profit: ~75 million isk

Comments: I started off in an isolated system with an ice belt and no stations.  I had an escalation there from a Blood Minor Annex that I had run a couple of days ago.  I logged in a couple of times to extend it and to check on local.  Unfortunately local never really improved.  There was always a mix of combat and mining ships with 7-15 in local pretty much constantly.  Most of them were in the same corp.  I also saw combat probes (not “sisters” fortunately) come out a couple of times yesterday when I logged in to scout a bit and extend the site.  I scouted around while cloaked and set up some bookmarks and tried to decide how/if to run this.  The most logical decision was to walk away.  The risk vs. reward vs. opportunity cost calculation was not in favor of running the site.  Meh.  No guts, no glory.

I have been getting better and better as setting up mobile depots and refitting my ship.  Most of the time, I take down my mobile depot as soon as I am done.  They are extremely easy to scan down once you see them so I prefer not to leave mine out.  I set up out of d-scan of most objects, refitted to a full buffer fit and scooped up my mobile depot.  I then warped to the site which was near the Sun and about 1AU from the mining belt.  I killed the overseer very quickly (the site did not escalate again), bookmarked the wreck and warped to another bookmark.  I warped from there to yet another bookmark that was mostly out of d-scan range and set up my mobile depot to refit again.  While it was going online, I warped back to another bookmark near the sun.  At this point I started to see combat probes on d-scan, but they were in the wrong area to catch my mobile depot.  I waited about 30 seconds and warped back to it – refitted my covert ops system and cloaky fit, scooped up the depot and warped to my wreck bookmark.  I looted the wreck for about 40M isk, warped out, cloaked up and left the system.  Probably, the locals were as glad to see me leave as I was to get out of there.

Moving on, I found another Blood Minor Annex.  Sometimes I think that I am the only one that runs them.  I was really short on time, but figured I could squeeze it in.  I managed to refit to combat and run the site in 15 minutes.  It spawned an overseer, but killing him didn’t escalate it.  I could have tried to destroy the Cathedral (alternate trigger), but I was out of time.  I bookmarked the wreck, warped out, refit, warped back, looted, and logged out.  Total loot was 30M isk.  Bounties on the 2 sites totaled 5M isk.