A Ship Only a Dev’s Girlfriend Could Love

An interview with a developer at Eve Down Under reveals the true story of how the Nestor battleship was developed and released.  The developer requested that his name not be revealed.

Interviewer: So who came up with the stats for the Nestor?

Unnamed Developer: It is actually a kind of a funny story.  My girlfriend has only ever played WoW, but she wanted me to design a ship for her.  She said she wanted a pet class that could also wear armor, heal and pick locks. She called it a mix between a hunter, a paladin, and a rogue.  I told her that didn’t make much sense from an EVE point of view, but I would see what I could do.  So I put together a drone damage bonus, a remote repair bonus, an armor bonus, and a virus bonus.  She also wanted it to be able to shapeshift, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

Interviewer: That is pretty funny.  Was she pleased?

Unnamed Developer: Yep.  Until I made the mistake of telling her that it would never actually make it into the game.  I tried to explain that no one would fly a ship like this, but that just pissed her off more.  I won’t make that mistake again.

Interviewer: So what about the mass change?  How did it end up being half the size of the other battleships?

Unnamed Developer: (shifts uncomfortably) I am, um, not exactly sure how that got in there.

Interviewer: I see.  So how did this ship go from being a fun project with your girlfriend to being the new Sisters of Eve battleship?

Unnamed Developer: Another funny story.  This one involves too many rounds of Buffalo and a bar bet with CCP Seagull.  We were out at the bar celebrating how well we handled the SOMER Blink scandal and playing a few drinking games.  Andie [CCP Seagull] was bragging about how good she was at designing content.  I told her I had a ship that was so bad even she couldn’t design content for it.  She bet me a hundred thousand ISK [Icelandic Kronor, ~ 860.00USD] that she could.  So the next day at work, I showed her the ship.  She was pissed, but agreed to put it in the game.

Interviewer: So did you win the bet?

Unnamed Developer:  Well, technically she has until the summer patch before I win, but it is looking good so far!  Easiest ISK I ever made!