Ghost Site Success

I found my second Ghost site today and was more successful than last time.  There were 4 cans and I managed to hack and  loot 3 of them before NPC’s showed up and blew up the fourth.  The site was in Angels lowsec, and the mini-game was about as easy as it gets for lowsec.  There were no virus suppressors or restoration nodes and most of the firewalls were 50/20.

I picked up 2 BPC’s.  One was an Ascendency Alpha and the other one was a Low-grade Ascendancy Gamma.  I also got about 35M isk of parts.

ghost site success

I really appreciate that the Ghost sites don’t have the loot spew that the other mini-game sites have.  Overall, I think they are a very positive addition to the game.  Of course, I wish I saw more of them, but I think they are at about the right rarity to be valuable and generate excitement at finding them.