Exploration Log 3-Jan-2014

Welcome to the Exploration Log. The semi-regular updates where I report actual exploration game time along with the results.

Game Time: Approx 1.5 hours

Location(s): Angels Nullsec, Wormhole Space, Drone Regions Nullsec

System Count: 11 (Angels NS); 2 (WH space); 2 (Drones NS) = 15

Sites Run: Relic 3, Data 1

Ghost sites seen: 1

Ship(s) Used: Tengu

Profit: ~152 million isk

Comments: It has been awhile since I posted a log.  Mostly because I have been doing more wandering than exploring.  I have been casually chasing Ghost sites, but since I hadn’t been keeping track of my loot or my play time, it was hard to make an accurate log about it.

My current area of Angels Nullsec is quite active.  Kudos to the locals for actually occupying their (contested) system.  I even got to run a gate camp with a bubble and about 6 ships (Loki, Sabre, 2-3 Interceptors, Ishtar, a couple of others).  I am pretty sure they set it up just for me since I went down a pipe on a dead-end chain.  It wasn’t there on my way in, but it was there on my way out.  Tengu’s are quite slippery though and they did not get a lock on me.

I decided to give them some space and went a few more systems over before scanning.  I found a data site with a faction BPC worth about 25M isk.  I picked that up and skipped the rest.  It isn’t so much that data sites are bad for Isk/hour as much as they are bad for Isk/m3.  Since I will be out awhile (probably), I need to watch my inventory space.

I found a couple of relic sites and picked them clean for another 50M isk.  A couple of systems over, I came across another scanner.  His alliance held sov a couple of systems away so he was semi-local.  I moved on to the next system.  I found a low-strength relic site and had just resolved the signal when the scanner showed up.  I recalled my probes and waited to see what he would do.  He waited also.  I warped back to the previous system to see what he had skipped.  I found a WH and a few combat sites.  That meant he was probably doing profession sites.  I refit to add a scram/disruptor and a sensor booster and went back to the relic system.  Maybe I could catch a Cov Ops with a hull full of loot?

Nope, he stayed cloaked the whole time.  I warped back to the previous system to check out the wormhole.  There were towers on scan, but no ships.  I poked around a bit before I noticed a Ghost site on the scanner!  I made a mistake though: I warped to it immediately – completely forgetting that I had unfit my hacking modules.  By the time I could launch a depot and get them refitted, the site despawned.  Oh well.

I poked around the other wormholes and went into a couple different areas of drone space.  Nothing to see.  I went back to my originating system to see if the scanner was still there.  He wasn’t.  I warped to the relic site and it was untouched.  It was a nice one, too.  I pulled in about 75M of loot out of it.