PI Compression: 6000m3 => 1m3

Do you have lots of PI production, but have problems with storage and transportation?  Do you have access to a single manufacturing slot?  Would you like to compress 6000m3 of P3 materials down to 1m3 without losing any value?

Look into manufacturing Ascendany implants.  Here is a screenshot from a great manufacturing and probability calculator site.

ascendancy implant manf

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The Ascendancy Alpha BPC sells for around 8M isk on contract.  Using that and about 34m3 of Shattered Villard Wheels and Morphite, you can convert 6444m3 of P3 materials to 1m3 of implant.  The manufacturing time is only 1 hour.  The BPC is a fairly common Ghost site drop and the price of the implant is mostly tied to PI prices.

I probably won’t do this for a couple of reasons.  First, I already have a working plan for exporting my PI goods out of lowsec.  Second, I don’t feel like messing around with my planets again to set up P3 production.  Third, while I have a plan to export materials, I don’t have a reliable plan for importing the Shattered Villard Wheels (SVW’s) and BPC’s.

I could see this as being pretty nice for wormhole dwellers.  A variety of BPC’s drop in WH space so they could either buy BPC’s or use their own drops.  They would still need to import SVW’s as I don’t think those drop in WH space.  It might require some reworking of planets (and having the right combination of planets) so that may or may not be worth it.


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    1. Pilgrim in Exile Post author

      No. The PI materials are extra materials so you can’t get them back out. My point was that you could reduce the volume without losing ISK. Perhaps I should have said “conversion” rather than “compression”.

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