Blog posts you might have missed

subtitled – too lazy to write something new today, especially when someone else has already written something more interesting. 

A journey through the mind – has posted some very nice starter fits for using a Strategic Cruiser in C3 anomalies.  The Legion and the other three.

Voyage in the Black – is a brand new blogger that is interested in Exploration and has posted some pretty aggressive goals for the new year.

Deep in Eve – is a pretty consistent blogger, but I am hoping that he eventually posts part 2 of his very good post on The Fundamentals of Eve’s Design.

markets for ISK – has a very nice post of ideas for those that want to start trading.  Had I not failed so badly in regional hauling my first try I might not be the explorer I am now.

Internet Spaceships: Serious Business – has several nice Fits of the Week, but his latest fit for the Lachesis has me seriously considering training Gallente Cruiser V (especially since I need it for the Stratios anyway).

Ever Hermit – has an insightful post about the malaise that seems to be affecting some players and bloggers lately.

And an honorable mention goes to EVE Lost and Found.  He might need some encouragement to start blogging again.  For starters, maybe he could post the Astero fit that led to him ransoming a Megathron.

Go give them all a read!


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