More Deployable Structures (Scan Inhibitor and Micro Jump Unit)


CCP Fozzie announced 2 more mobile deployable units for Rubicon 1.1

The Mobile Scan Inhibitor (MSI) is quite similar to one of my proposals.  This structure prevents anything inside its 30km radius from appearing either on DScan or Probe Scans.  The structure itself shows up on both and is “very easy to scan down”.  Given that the Mobile Tractor Unit was “fairly easy to scan down”, I would guess the average combat prober could pin this one down at 4-8 AU’s of probe strength.

One major difference from my proposal is that players inside the radius of the MSI will be able to scan as normal (except they won’t get results from anything that is inside the radius with them).  In my proposal, the MSI worked both ways: players outside couldn’t DScan in and players inside couldn’t Dscan out.  The other difference is in range.  I think I called for 250km range.  The 30km range probably makes more sense.

Structure is single use (can’t be rescooped once deployed).

Volume = 50m3.

Activation time = 60s.

Lifetime = 2 hours.

EHP = 45,000

Cost ~ 5 million ISK

Deployment restrictions = not within 75km of gates or stations, not within 40km of control towers or another MSI.

I liked my proposal better because I think blocking DScan both ways is a more interesting (and consistent) mechanic.  However, I still like this one.  It is new and disruptive and lends itself to some creative uses.  Also, if CCP was trolling for tears, they definitely got them in the forum :)

The fact that it is single use and only lasts 2 hours combined with the volume size of 50m3 means that I probably won’t use this much with my current playstyle.  Since I am only a single player, just the fact that I am visible on local means about as much as what you can see about what ship I am flying.  For profession sites, I am usually in and out and wouldn’t waste the 50m3 of space.  For combat sites, it would only cover 1 room.

Depending on how many I see, I will probably probe these and warp to them just to see what (if anything) they are hiding.

The forum folks seemed to think the MSI would be abused in WH space and Faction Warfare.  I can’t speak to those, but at single use of 5M each I have to wonder if the payback is worth it.  I don’t see it.  On the other hand, I am actually kind of looking forward to see how the Goons exploit this one. :)

The second new structure is the Mobile Micro Jump Unit (MJU).  It basically acts as a Micro Jump Drive module for any ship within 2500m (likely the range will be increased) that activates it.  Jump Activation time is 12s and then it launches you 100km in the direction you were travelling.  Your speed is preserved on landing.  You only have to be in range at the start of the cycle, not the end.  It has no cooldown and can be used by any player.  Upon landing, you can immediately use another MJU if it is within range.  Activation can’t be cancelled.  Destroying the structure before the end of the cycle or using a Warp Scramble on the ship prevents launching.  It will also have a mass limit that will prevent capitals and supercapitals from using it.  Freighters will be allowed to use it.

Structure is single use (can’t be rescooped once deployed).

Volume = 50m3.

Activation time = 20s  (from deployment of structure)

Lifetime = 48 hours

EHP = 25,000

Cost ~ 1 million ISK

Deployment restrictions = not within 20km of gates or stations, not within 40km of a starbase towers, not within 6km of another MJU.

This one is kind of fun.  The volume of 50m3 prevents it from being used a lot by a single player, but at least it is cheap and lasts for 48 hours.  You could even use it to make a series of your own acceleration gates!  Tactically, it could be used quite well to launch an attack and that will probably be the primary use.  50 brawlers suddenly launching forward 100km!  It might also be interesting to have 3 or 4 of these set up allowing kiters to move from one to the other while still projecting damage.

Defensively, it could be used to break a single disruptor.  Drop the unit, align to a safe spot and activate.  Your attacker could follow you, but he will have a harder time aligning to the same spot and you will have a very good chance of warping out when you land.  If you like to belt rat in dangerous areas, this is probably a necessity.  However, if the attacker has a Scram then you are still out of luck.

Again, I don’t see myself using this one for anything other than fun, but who knows?

From an economic perspective, the fact that both of these units are single use may lead to significant consumption of PI materials (assuming they use PI materials – maybe they won’t?).  Also, they might be something worth manufacturing and selling in lowsec since the relatively large size means most pilots won’t be able to carry more than a couple.  I guess it depends on how popular they are.

CCP Fozzie did say they were working on a couple more.  I am still hoping for the Mobile Ammo Reprocessing Depot!