The EVE of the Future

This is loosely inspired by latest Blog Blanter.  You can read more about it at at the Blog Banter page.  As far as actually answering the BB question, Kirith Kodachi’s “Limit” post is quite good. 

(Also, he featured one of my blog posts on his most recent podcast.  For that, he has my thanks – although listening to someone read part of one of your blog posts is a singularly weird experience.)

I am an extremely casual EVE player.  Yes, I know I blog about it, but I don’t really have a lot invested in the game.  I have a single account.  I have never joined any player corporations other than to use a jump clone service.  None of my RL friends are currently playing. I have paid for my game time with PLEX for all but a few months at the beginning.  I am playing a fair bit right now, but I played very little over the summer and who knows when RL will take over again.

Having said that, obviously I like the game.   I like that it lets me play my way, that it allows for a variety of social interaction, and that it allows for creative play.  It IS fun to read about.  It is also fun to plan, to try things, to see if they work out.  Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.  With all this, it still manages to be a visceral game.  It has a real sense of gain or loss.  It’s PVP can give you The Shakes!  But at the end of the day, it is just a game.  I consider it a pleasant distraction.

I don’t worry about being “Nerf proof”.  If my current playstyle stops being fun due to some game change, then I can adopt another playstyle.**  The HML door closed – the HAM door opened.  If I don’t have the Skillpoints for it, I can take a break to train or easily buy a character that fits the bill.

And so I don’t worry too much about the future of the game.  I am curious about it, and I suppose it is interesting to guess, but EVE just isn’t real enough for me to agonize over where it is going.

Besides, something can sound good and still not play out well.  Alternatively, it can sound awful and still be fun.  Sometimes it just depends on your attitude.

For CCP’s part, I think that as long as EVE keeps generating interesting stories it will maintain an adequate subscriber base.  It probably will never grow to a massive subscriber base for reasons Kirith Kodachi’s post describes.  CCP’s growth will have to come from other games like Valkyrie.

And as long as I have time and can find interesting things to do, I will keep playing it.

**As an aside: The angst that I see on the forums about the smallest of changes is crazy. I honestly don’t know how CCP deals with it all the time. You develop a thick skin, I suppose.

4 thoughts on “The EVE of the Future

  1. Billy

    I think a lot of the frustration comes from the fact that there aren’t really any other games like Eve. if GW2 screws up I can go play WOW, FFIV, SWTOR, Rift etc. they are different but all pretty much the same model. if Eve dies then where can I go. This creates a greater panic in people who love this sort of gameplay. if CCP screw up there aren’t any other options.

    1. Pilgrim in Exile Post author

      I don’t think it likely that CCP will change the core gameplay of spaceships, sandbox, building things, etc – mostly the changes just someone’s playstyle.

      As for the panic: for us, this is a leisure activity. For CCP, it is their livelihood. I am pretty sure they care way more about the success of EVE than any of us do.

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