Exploration Log 11-Jan-2013

Welcome to the Exploration Log. The semi-regular updates where I report actual exploration game time along with the results.

Game Time: Approx 1.5 hours

Location(s): Sanshas Lowsec

System Count: 1

Sites Run: Combat 1, Escalation 1

Ghost sites seen: 0

Ship(s) Used: Tengu

Profit: ~985 million ISK

Comments: Ah yes, back in the warm comfortable cradle of lowsec. Even though nullsec is emptier, I feel safer and enjoy my time more in lowsec. I am not sure why that is. I haven’t spent much time in NPC nullsec so maybe that is more like lowsec. In any case, my time has been limited to very short sessions of less than an hour. I try to have at least an hour and a half and preferably two or more before I write a log. Short sessions can really skew the numbers and it is sometimes hard for me to draw the line between “exploration” and “messing around in EVE”. But today, I had nearly 2 hours minus a couple of short interruptions and the daily system downtime.

I had run a Sansha’s Minor Annex 2 days ago and the first escalation yesterday. In this session I ran the second escalation. It was quite quick: land on grid, kill the faction ship, loot it, return to station. The next escalation was 5 jumps away. This station happens to be one of my regional bases, so I refit and restock and head back out into space. There are 5 signatures so I scan them down. WH, WH, Gas, Combat, Combat. Both combat sites resolve into a Sansha’s 6/10. Hmm. Since that complex takes nearly an hour to run, I will not have time to do both of them. Last time this happened, I must have chosen the wrong one because the loot fairly treated me poorly.

It took me a few minutes before I actually started because by the time I warped back to the station to change my fit over to combat fit, there were a couple of Tengu’s that were popping up on DScan. I wasn’t quite sure what they were up to. Possibly they were going to run one of the sites? I guess not because waiting a few more minutes they disappeared and 2 pilots dropped out of local.

I ran the site as quickly as possible and cleared all but the final room just before downtime. I think I logged out about 2 minutes before downtime. I had a moment of panic when I logged back in because I was not in the complex. However, I could still warp to the entry gate so it hadn’t despawned. I just had to slow-boat through 3 rooms to get to the final room. I have run this site a couple of times now (need to finish up the guide) so I am getting better at the boss. It still takes me 2 full loads of ammo to kill him, but at least I didn’t get hung up on the asteroid and nearly die like last time (there is definitely enough dps in the room that you can’t tank it standing still!).

The loot fairy was much kinder this time. Generous, you might say. I got a Centum A-type Engergized Adaptive Nano Membrane worth about 820M ISK. I thought they used to be closer to 900M, but I am not complaining. I also picked up a Centum A-type Energized Thermic Membrane worth about 73M ISK. Add-in the bounties (27M) and the 19th OPE (51M) and a couple of True Sanshas drops from the escalation and I made out pretty well.

I am sure the other 6/10 will be gone before I can play again, but I hope to either run or at least “extend” the escalation before it expires.