PLEX for Parody (Poetry Contest)

I am sponsoring a poetry contest.  Possibly more than one, but we will see how the first one goes.  If you are so inclined, I would appreciate help promoting it.  It would be much appreciated.

Basic Contest Rules:

1.        Create a new original EVE related parody of a (reasonably) well-known poem.

2.       Post it in this thread on the EVE official forums by 31 Jan 2014.  Forum thread timestamp will be used to determine the cutoff.

3.       Grand prize winner will receive a PLEX contracted to them in Jita.  Additionally, 4 Honorable Mentions will each receive 100M ISKAll 5 winners will also be featured on my blog.

 Slightly more detailed rules:

          Must be a new and original parody.  In order to determine that you are in fact the creator and not just ripping it off from someone else, the first instance of the parody must be in this thread.  If I find the parody posted anywhere else (unless it clearly has a later timestamp than your posting) it will be disqualified.

          Cite the title and author of the original poem as part of your submission.

          Minimum of 50 words.  No Limericks or Haiku – they may be a future contest.

          Maximum of 1000 words.  As impressive as it might be, no one wants to read an EVE parody of all of Beowulf. 

          The parody should match the rhythm and rhyme of the original as closely as possible.  Per the word count guidelines above, you can write a shorter parody of a long poem, just skip a few stanzas. 

          Since I am the sponsor, I will also be the judge.  If you want to help sponsor and/or judge future contests, send Tas Exile an in-game mail or leave a comment in this post with contact info. 

          If you are a “famous” blogger/personality and want to participate, please consider using an alt so neither of us can be accused of conflict of interest.


Would you like an example?  Here is my attempt to parody “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. 

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