The ISK of Exploration

I recently completed my 10th Exploration Log and thought it would be interesting to review the data.

My methodology:

I decide before I start playing if that session will be logged based on my expecation of playing at least 2 hours.  If my session does not last at least 1.5 hours then I don’t include it.  I tend to focus on the more profitable activities of the better combat sites when possible, but my logs do reflect a mix of relic, combat, drug, and the occasional ghost and data site.

For profitability calculations, I use the loot value shown in the inventory screen.  My calculations don’t count the cost of transporting and selling the loot, but those can be significant.

The Results:

The 10 logs are spread across 9 weeks of game time with the average session lasting 2 hours.  They represent a total of 21 hours played and a profit of 3,396,000,000 ISK (3.4 billion).  My average ISK per hour was 161 million (but remember that this does not include the time/cost spent getting this to market and selling it).

Looking at the graph below, you can see that there is a huge amount of variance.  The most common profit per hour around 80-90 million, but 2 sessions had significantly higher rewards.  In one of them, I received a Bhaalgorn BPC, and in the other I received a Centum A-type Engergized Adaptive Nano Membrane.  This is fairly representative in my experience.


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I was fortunate in that I did not lose any ships during this time so my only real costs were missiles and PLEX.

The logs are listed below:

Exploration Log 18-Nov-2013  (2.5 Hours, 150M)

Exploration Log 20-Nov-2013 (2 Hours, 180M)

Exploration Log 26-Nov-2013 (2.5 Hours, 215M)

Exploration Log 3-Dec-2013 (3.5 Hours, 319M)

Exploration Log 10-Dec-2013 (2 Hours, 90M)

Exploration Log 13-Dec-2013 (2 Hours, 1,000M)

Exploration Log 19-Dec-2013 (1.5 Hours, 75M)

Exploration Log 24-Dec-2013 (2 Hours, 230M)

Exploration Log 3-Jan-2014 (1.5 Hours, 152M)

Exploration Log 11-Jan-2013 (1.5 Hours, 985M)


4 thoughts on “The ISK of Exploration

  1. Raziel Walker

    You use a single ship to run these sites with no scouts or alts in support ships?
    If solo, do you use a cargo scanner in your fit to see that type of container to loot?

    As you only run noncombat sites there is no need for dps/tank so it is as simple as a tengu with
    T2/Sisters probe launcher + probes; T2 data/relic analyzer, Rigs.
    I assume perhaps a cargo scanner and likely an inderdiction nullifier + cov ops subsystem?

    1. Pilgrim in Exile Post author

      I use a single ship. No scouts, alts or support ships. I do use a cargo scanner and I scan everything.

      I am not sure what gave you the impression I only run noncombat sites? If you read the logs, much of my profit comes from combat sites. I do have one Tengu/clone that is set up primarily for nullsec. It doesn’t do combat sites, but I still do ghost sites and have enough tank for that as well as enough dps to clear any light tackle I might encounter.

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