A Great Short Story (Firstborn)

Brandon Sanderson is probably best known for his work in completing the epic Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.  He is also a very good author is his own right and his book “The Way of Kings” is one of my favorites.

He is primarily a fantasy writer of very long epics, but he has also written a SciFi short story that is really good and will probably appeal to EVE fans.  My overview won’t really do the story justice, but here goes:

Dennison Crestmar was born, bred, and trained to be one of the best space fleet commanders ever.  Only somehow, he isn’t any good at it.  His tactics are fine, his strategy is good, his ships are excellent – but he still loses and no one is quite sure why.  His much older brother is a legend having never lost a single battle.  Dennison is forced by his commanding officer to study his brother’s past battles in hopes that he can replicate his success.  This leads to an unusual discovery about himself and his brother and the future of the Empire.  The story is very well written and has (I think) a fantastic conclusion.

You can read it for free here.