I spent most of the weekend trapped in lowsec hillbilly hell (dead-end system dominated by pirate locals).  I made a bunch of mistakes on Friday (or Thursday – can’t remember which day).  First, I went into a lowsec dead-end pipe chain.  Second, I didn’t pay close attention to the corporation of the other players in local.  Third I ended my session docked at the only station in the system.  Fourth, I did this without first making a “fast undock” bookmark.

When I log in early Saturday morning, there are 18 pilots in local with about 5 of them being in my station.  I shortly realize that the other 17 of them are all in a fairly active pirate corporation that has been responsible for a number of kills in this system and the neighboring systems.  In fact 6 of them are currently flashy.  Since I am the only pilot in local that is not part of the corp, I know my presence is noticed.

Adding to the fun above, I recently upgraded my Tengu a bit so combined with my loot I am easily sitting on a couple billion ISK.  I have no warp core stabilizers and there are none for sale in the station.  I also didn’t get any from the Yule Lads, so I don’t have that option either.

The main (only?) thing I have going for me is patience – if I really “need” to play, I can clone jump out and come back mid-week to see if my odds are better.  But since I have no plans to play today, I can just stay logged in and check periodically to see if the situation improves.

I waited a couple of hours until there are only 3 pilots in local that were not in the station and undocked.  Yep, there was one waiting for me outside.  Fortunately, this was not a “kick-out” station and I was able to re-dock immediately.  I have to admit that I was impressed because they kept this up over nearly 12 hours (while they racked up a few additional kills in the area).

I decided to change tactics and logged out.  I logged back in 6 hours later (hoping for a shift change) and immediately undocked and set warp for one of my bookmarks.  I have an align time of about 5 seconds.  There was no one guarding the station, but three pilots from the station undocked almost immediately after I did so I got to see a Curse, a Cynabal, and a Vexor all trying to target me.  They must have had either lag or slow targeting, because none of them got a point on me and I was able to warp away.

Knowing that I was in pipe system with a potentially large number hostiles actively hunting me, I was extremely pleased to discover a wormhole in this system.  A couple of wormholes later, I am halfway across the map in a new area of lowsec.

The rest of the evening ended up being both interesting and profitable from an exploration standpoint.  I ran a ghost site, 2 nullsec relic sites, and Sansha’s 6/10 combat site.  I think I netted around 400 million ISK but since I wasn’t logging it for my exploration log project I didn’t pay close attention to the actuals.  Mostly, I was just glad to have escaped with my ship and my loot intact!  Props to the pirates for keeping lowsec dangerous and my playtime interesting.

I am still a few regions over from where this Tengu/clone is supposed to be “based”, but as long as I can restock on missiles I can take my time getting there.  I do love having the freedom to wander!