Answering my Searches

I find it interesting the search phrases that people used to find my blog.  Unfortunately Google filters out about 95% of them so I don’t get to see nearly as much as I would like.

There are a few searches though that I thought I would answer directly.  Here goes!

Search Phrase


rewards fir hi low null data relic sites high sec- 3-5M per site (data>relic); low sec 5-15M per site (relic>data); null sec 15-35M per site (relic>data)
stratios vs pilgrim lowsec For exploration/pvp?  Stratios!
eve ghost site wh Yes, they exist.  They are pirate faction oriented (not Sleepers) and comparable to null sec in hacking difficulty.  Supposedly the best BPC’s only drop in WH’s. 
is ghost site anomoly or signature anomaly
stratios review eve Here is my review
what implants improve warp speed Ascendancy
angel red light district Here is my guide
astero review eve Here is my review and my test-drive
exploration rubicon Not a question, but I think you are in the right place.
eve stratios worth it?, stratios for exploration For exploration?  Yes it is worth it.  Tengu is still better for the high-end sites, but a Stratios can enter 3/10’s and 4/10’s and a Tengu can’t.
astero scan strength vs covops frigates Astero is 37.5% flat; Covops is 10% per level of Covops skill
proteus data and relic sites It is kind of an overkill on cost and suboptimal on layout, but you can do it.  At a minium, you need a probe, cloak, scanning subsystem and covert ops subsytem.  For most fits you only get 3 midslots, so I would fit a MWD, cargo scanner and relic analyzer.  Data sites are almost never worth it.  If you find one that is, refit to a data analyzer using a mobile depot.  The other drawback of the Proteus is its large explosive hole.  Since that is the main damage type done by Ghost Sites, you need to devote some low slots/rigs to plugging it if you plan to run those (and you should)
destroy mobile depot eve, can mobile depots be destroyed Yes, but not easily.  You can put it in “reinforcement mode” with only 5000 damage, but you have to come back 48 hours later to finish the job
eve what ded can astero do I would say up to DED 3/10
can tengu enter 4/10 No.
eve scanning skills + mobile tractor unit Typical combat prober can scan it down at 2AU’s; A good one can do it at 4AU’s.
top short stories;  Although you should also read “Firstborn” because it is really good.

2 thoughts on “Answering my Searches

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus

    Yeah, Google changed things up a while back so that if you are logged into a Google account and do a search, the search terms are not delivered to the sites you click on.

    My current top EVE result is “eve using a caracal in fleet engagements,” which I couldn’t recommend based on my own experiences. Heh!

    1. Pilgrim in Exile Post author

      I didn’t include it in the post, but I get a couple hits a week from people searching for “Dev’s Girlfriend”. Probably they mean the actor Dev Patel, but who knows? Maybe their is an untapped market for women who want to date a game developer…

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