You go away for a few days…

..and 11 trillion ISK disappears.


The Ancient Gaming Noob was there and has a nice write-up about it.  The most interesting thing to me was this statement:

“The Mittani himself got on coms to tell us we would be bridging into the fight in B-R5RB. We were to refit out Domis to have four energy neutralizers in our high slots and get on the titan. Our job was to drain the capacitors of hostile titans so that their repair modules would cease to function, making them easier to kill. We were not to launch drones. Nobody wanted to crash the system at this point… nobody on our side anyway… while there were still at least a dozen titans on the field to kill.” (emphasis added)

It is interesting because of the levels of strategy involved.  There aren’t just tactics on the field and organizing people and ships for staging – the actual server capabilities are part of the meta-strategy.

Awhile back, Jester had a post bemoaning the loss of tactics in EVE fights.  The basic gist was that overwhelming force wins the day.  While I don’t disagree, this fight was interesting because CFC intentionally held back drone DPS in order to keep the server from crashing and kill the ships that they had pinned down.  A good strategist adapts to the playing field and that was definitely done here.  EVE allows for some very interesting meta-game and the Goons continue to be very good at this.

While I am on the Goon bandwagon (probably won’t happen again), I’d like to point out that Goons play games other than EVE and that they have been doing creatively disruptive things for a LONG time.  Back in 2006, a group of World of Warcraft Goons “kidnapped” opposing faction flight masters and held them hostage in a hidden location until a ransom was paid.  For EVE players unfamiliar with WoW, this is nearly the equivalent of moving and hiding a stargate.  Normally flight masters respawn when killed, but the Goons used priest mind-control spells to heal and keep the flight masters alive while dealing enough damage to keep them from running back to their spawn points.  They had enough committed players to keep this up for a long time.  Blizzard (less tolerant of such things than CCP) eventually intervened and respawned the flight masters.  You can read about it here.


In other news, I am almost done with part 2 of my exploration guide.  Also, the poety contest ends tomorrow.  There are around 25 great entries so far.  Details are in the sidebar.

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