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“Goodnight Noob”

goodnight moon


In the great deep of space
there was a Goon
and a welping noob
and a fleet of PL jumping over the moon
and three carebears in Typhoons
web links to kittens and, of course, Mittens
and a little POS and a fleet boss
and a blob on a gate
and pods all irate
and a quiet bittervet whispering “HTFU”.

Goodnight, noob. Goodnight, Goons.
Goodnight, PL jumping over the moon.
Goodnight belt, and the ganking crew.
Goodnight, carebears. Goodnight, ‘Phoons.
Goodnight Mittens, and pics of kittens.
Goodnight, rocks. Goodnight, docks.
Goodnight, POS and goodnight, boss.
Goodnight, blob. Goodnight, gate.
Goodnight, pods. Please don’t hate.
Goodnight to the bittervet whispering, “HTFU”.
Goodnight, missiles and goodnight, guns.
Goodnight and GF, everyone.


– Parody by EVE player Vehestian of “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown.  This poem was an honorable mention in the PLEX for Parody Contest.

A GM responds…

About a week ago I posted about my nullsec exploration cut short after a medium secure container containing my ship modules disappeared at downtime.  Today, I got a GM response paraphrased below:

This is an exception to our normal policies, but we have returned all items that were inside your missing container to what appears to be your primary hanger in the area.

The GM went on to say that their records did in fact show that my container was un-anchored when downtime hit and kindly reminded me to anchor them in the future. **

So apparently, I did not anchor it, but CCP gave it back to me anyway.  I guess it never hurts to ask.

As a result of this little episode, I re-checked the wiki for secure containers and read the following:

“After you have launched the container, you must right-click it and select the “anchor” option, a process that for large containers can take up to a minute. Be warned that if you don’t anchor the container it will expire in 2 hours just like a regular container. Unanchored containers will also be removed immediately at the next down time. Furthermore, secure containers which have not been anchored will in fact not be secure, anyone with the available cargo space to carry one will be able to scoop it up into their cargo hold. Therefore it is vital that you anchor your secure containers in order to make sure that the contents stay safe. Once the container is anchored, you can set its password and name. Note that setting the password before you anchor the container will NOT work and will leave the container accessible by all. ” (emphasis in original)

So I guess the point is that you should ALWAYS anchor your containers and ALWAYS set the password AFTER you anchor it.  I have been pretty casual about this in the past. I knew that unanchored secure containers could be scooped, but I didn’t know they expired in 2 hours just like regular ones.  I usually don’t bother with passwords because my containers are never at warpable locations.  But I am going to try to get into the habit.

EVE is a game where it is definitely possible to learn new things about things you already thought you knew everything about.

** edited so that I am not directly publishing private communications from CCP.

Exploration Log 22-23 Feb-2014

Welcome to the Exploration Log. The semi-regular updates where I report actual exploration game time along with the results.

Game Time: Approx 4 hours (over 2 days)

Location(s): Blood Raiders Lowsec

System Count: 13

Sites Run: Combat 3 (2 sites, 1 escalation)

Ghost sites seen: 0

Ship(s) Used: Tengu

Profit: ~1,065 million ISK

Comments: I got some play time in this weekend and decided to log it.  I have been pretty swamped with real life so it was a nice break.  I felt like I was able to pack a lot into 4 hours so it was a good use of EVE time.  I found a wormhole in the system next to my PI system that led to a C3 that led to a system only 2-3 jumps from Jita.  First I flew the route in my Tengu making sure it was safe and picking up some items on my shopping list (mostly stuff I lost from my secure container, as well as some Blood Raider tags).  Once I got back I loaded up my Epithal with PI goods.  It held about 300M isk of P2 material.  I safely got it to the HS station and contracted it the rest of the way to Jita.  It was only a couple of jumps so the cost was less than 3M isk.  Spending 1% to avoid a suicide gank as well as couple of jumps is totally worth it for me.  I usually plan on spending more.

Back in my home system, I rearranged my stuff and refit my ship for exploration, combat and travel.  Away I went.  A couple of systems away, I found a Blood Annex.  I ran it and it escalated.  It also dropped some cheap faction loot.  The escalation was about 6 jumps away.  The system was empty when I got there and it isn’t a known pirate hangout so I used a station to refit.  It is easier to use a station, but generally safer to use a mobile depot.  Seemed safe enough and I was lazy so station it was.  I warped to the first escalation.  I killed the overseer, but the site didn’t escalate again.  He didn’t drop anything valuable.

I swung by my home base again for some minor travel changes and then on to a new area.  I didn’t find much for 4 or 5 systems.  Finally, I found something interesting – a Crimson Hand Supply Depot.  There was no one in the system so I took my time refitting.  I made sure to anchor my secure container – just to stay in the habit.  I am using a 6 Launcher configuration that is a bit more expensive (like double), but runs the sites pretty fast.

I warp to the site and discover that the first 2 rooms are empty – no rats and no wrecks.  I am not worried though.  The last 2 rooms are pretty tough and I know many times pilots will walk away from them.  Sure enough, the third room (with the Crimson Sentinel) has its standard complement of NPC’s.  Now normally, I kill the battleships and ignore the Crimson Sentinel.  But tonight, I have a full stock of missiles, a nearby re-supply base, and some extra time (since someone already cleared the first 2 rooms for me).  I decide to try to kill the Crimson Sentinel – just to have a story to tell my wonderful readers.

Guess what – I will never do this again!  To keep him from repping armor, I stayed 62km away.  It took 2 loads of Scourge missiles to get his armor to zero.  Then it took about 10 loads (I lost count) of Mjolnir missiles to finally pound through the 100,000 structure HP.  I blew through nearly 5,000 missiles taking this thing out.  And do you know what it dropped?

crimson sentinel loot

Yep.  Figures.

Anyway, after killing the battleships, I moved on to the final room.  I had to kill 2 neuting battleships before moving onto the Crimson Lord, but the deed was done and down he went.  He was a bit more generous.

crimson lord loot

He dropped a Corpum A-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane, an Ashimmu BPC and some other stuff.  Definitely made up for the other guy.  Satisfied with this, I called it a night.

The Moa


“Improved” photo by Kirith Kodachi (click for link)

Sometimes poetry is all about how you feel.  Had the poetry contest been held this week, this would have been the winner.

The Moa
Moa! Moa! burning fugly
In the vacuum of the night
What “artist’s” hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful asymmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies
Burnt the depravity of thine lines?
On what wing…?  suitcase…?  spire?
What the hand dare shatter the hull?

And what shoulder(?) and what “art”,
Could twist the sinews of thy shape?
And when thy hull began to creak,
What dread tail?  and what dread neck?

What the duece?  what the hell?
In what fever was thy brain?
What the suitcase?  what dread whatever that is in your grasp
Dare its fugly visage show?

When the designer threw down his stylus,
And watered EVE with his drooling spittle,
Did he LOL his work to see?
Did he who made the Ishtar make thee?

Moa! Moa! burning fugly
In the vacuum of the night,
What “artist’s” hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful asymmetry?

– an adaptation of William Blake’s “The Tiger” by Eve player stoicfaux.  This poem was one of the bonus prize winners in the PLEX for Parody contest.

Thoughts on loot spew

There is a Dev blog and and a few blog posts out there identifying that the loot spew associated with data and relic sites is going away with the summer expansion.

Oddly, I have mixed feelings on this.  I am not a big fan of the loot spew.  I find it to be a frustraing mechanic that has probably cost  me a lot of ISK.  On the other hand, loot containers had some of their loot increased to accomodate this.  Also, there is a lot more loot out there already.  Prices for rigs (both T1 and T2) have come down quite a bit.  So I have to predict that removing the loot spew will either lower the amount of loot per container or it will lower the overall prices of the loot even more.  So the net effect is that if you were good at managing the loot spew (ie cargo scanning and grabbing the most valuable spew containers), then this will lead to a net loss of income.  Also, my favorite time to gank explorers was when the loot had just exploded and they were madly clicking on containers.

However, the spew mechanic didn’t really fit with the rest of exploration or with EVE gameplay in general.  It was telling that the new Ghost sites did not include it.  I think most players will be happy to see it go away – even if it does lower the profitability of exploration.

The best thing about this is that I will no longer have to dump the “junk” accidentally collected at every site.  I think I hated that part more than the actual loot spew from each site.