Contest Winners – PLEX for Parody

I announced the winners of the parody poetry contest today.  I will be featuring at least the Grand Prize and Honorable Mentions in upcoming Friday Poetry posts, but you can read them all here.


First off, thank you to everyone who participated! I said it before, but I was really amazed by the variety and quality of all the poem and song parodies submitted.

It is somewhat unfortunate that I am the only judge – I really think a panel would have done a better job because my personal biases will obviously impact something as subjective as poetry. Maybe someone else will sponsor another one (or if you want to join with me on the next one, shoot me a mail). So – on to the winners!

Grand Prize Winners (PLEX):

Khergit Deserters – “Old Bumpersides
Nyjil Lizaru – “The FC with the Call

Both of these poems were exactly what I was hoping for when I sponsored this contest. Khergit Deserters, you actually made me mourn for a ship I have never (and probably will never) flown. Great poem choice and absolutely fantastic adaptation to EVE. Nyjil Lizaru, not only did you perfectly capture the cadence and flow of the “Casey at the Bat”, but you perfectly adapted the spirit and feeling of the poem as well. And the ending was fantastic. Very nicely done.

In the end, I just couldn’t decide between the two poems so you will have to share the title of Grand Prize Winner. You won’t have to share the PLEX though, because it only seemed fair to award a PLEX to each of you. Congratulations.

Honorable Mentions (100M ISK)

Xanadu Redux – “O FC! my FC!” – another poem about a FC and technical issues, but also very unique. The words “Fallen Disconnected” just hang there and the impact of the poem carries on after the words are finished. Nicely done.

Don Aubaris – “The Charge of the Frig Brigade” – Great adaptation of a great poem. Well written and fun to read. Good job.

Vyl Vit – “Mighty Ahganktyew and the Great Pew Pew” – A well told story with a nice build up to the ending. And you even included a moral!

Vehestian – “Goodnight Moon” – This one made me laugh. I have probably read Goodnight Moon a thousand times to my kids over the years and I will never look at it the same way again. Unlike the others, this is not at all what I was expecting when I started the contest and it was a very pleasant surprise. Great idea.

Bonus Prizes:
I wanted to highlight a couple more poems that I really enjoyed so I am throwing out a few bonus prizes.

Scipio Artelius – “The Ganker from Old Man Star” – This one was about 70 words too long, but felt like even more than that. However, once I dug into it, I appreciated the idea and all the effort put into it. Definitely a labor of love. Bonus Prize: Stabber Fleet Issue

stoicfaux – “The Moa” – Somewhere, there is an artist cringing. May he/she know that in spite of the awful looking ship they made, they inspired a great poem. Bonus prize: a Moa (of course), and a Vexor, Maller, and Rupture (for comparison purposes)

Mike Azariah
– “If” – I now know what it takes to be a pilot in New Eden. Bonus Prize: Two +4 Willpower impants (Running for CSM again, you will need them)

Barbara Nichole – “The Gods of Copybook Headings” – I liked this poem, but I can’t exactly articulate why. Maybe because it was the closest to a “wandering” poem. Bonus Prize: Gnosis Battlecruiser

RAIN Arthie – “Battle Hymn of the Miner” – Long live the miners! For some reason I got a mental picture of miners going to war with their pick-axes. Bonus Prize: a Kryos stuffed to the gills with Tritanium

Cara Forelli – “EVE MON” – I’m not really a Pokemon fan, but I thought this was clever. Bonus Prize: a nice collection of rogue drone BPC’s. Just a couple more and you will have collected them all!

Thank you again to all who participated and those who helped publicize it.

Prizes were sent out tonight.

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