Exploration Log 5-7 Feb-2014

Welcome to the Exploration Log. The semi-regular updates where I report actual exploration game time along with the results.

Game Time: Approx 4 hours (over 3 days)

Location(s): Angels Lowsec, Angels Nullsec

System Count: 7 (Angels Lowsec) + 8 (Angels Nullsec) = 15

Sites Run: Relic 1, Combat 2, Drug 1

Ghost sites seen: 0

Ship(s) Used: Tengu

Profit: ~733 million isk

Comments: My play time has been in very short bursts of about an hour per day.  Because of that I have decided to combine multiple days and play sessions to form one log.  In my mind, it is all one continuous session.

I started off in Angels lowsec and found a multitude of signatures.  Most of them turned out to be low-level combat sites, but there were also 3 drug sites.  I warped to each of them and scanned them.  Two of them had junk, but the third had both Neurotoxin Recovery and Neurotoxin Control skillbooks.   I refit using my mobile depot to a heavy tank fit and warped to the site.  I scanned and hacked the can containing the juicy skillbooks and warped out.  In the next system over, I found a relic site.  I hacked and looted all the cans, but the reward was fairly mediocre (valued at about 9M isk).

The next couple of systems had nothing, followed by another system with 7 or 8 signatures.  Most of them were wormholes, data sites, and low-level combat sites, but I came across an Angel Mineral Acquisition Outpost.  This is technically an un-rated combat site, but it is considered the Angel’s 6/10 since they don’t have an official one.  This was my first time running the complex so I was excited to try it out.  When I run a complex for the first time, I tend to overtank and this time was no exception.  One of the rooms has an energy neut tower so I was a bit nervous about that.  My tank held fine and I was able to kill the neuting tower before it did too much damage to my capacitor.  Next time, I will be more confident using a less tank, higher dps fit.

And more dps would help, because they are many, many battleships to kill in this complex.  They come in waves, but it seems like it goes on forever.  And there is no phat loot at the end – only the chance to run Angel Mineral Acquisition Outpost Part 2.  It seems that this site always escalates, so I checked my journal for the coordinates only to find that the escalation was about 5 jumps into null sec.  I don’t know if that is typical or not.  I refit to be cloaky and nullified and headed to nullsec.  Fortunately, it was pretty quiet.  I got to the escalation system and set up some bookmarks.

I refit again to my tanky combat fit and entered the complex.  Again, there were lots of waves and lots of battleships.  I was definitely overtanked and was feeling good heading into the final room.  The boss doesn’t show up until the last battleship in the last room is killed (at least I think that was the trigger) and he shows up with a mix of ships.  I was feeling pretty confident at this point, so I did what I usually do for boss battleships: set a close orbit and start applying dps.  In this case, this was a bad idea.

This boss does a LOT of damage close up.  And he webs.  My tank started dropping fast so I warped out ASAP (thankfully, none of the frigates had me scrambled).  It took me a couple more tries before I found a kiting strategy that worked (tricky since the boss can fly about 800 m/s).  Finally, the boss exploded and I approached his wreck to collect my loot.  It was pretty decent: there was an A-type 10MN MWD (230M) and a Cynabal BPC (160M) as well as the guaranteed OPE (52M).  Total bounties between the 2 sites were 42M.  I didn’t loot or salvage the battleships due to time (and storage) constraints, but I bet there was easily another 25M or more if I would have done so.


9 thoughts on “Exploration Log 5-7 Feb-2014

  1. fenga

    I really do enjoy your stories. thx alot. but how about putting up lil detailed guide how to begin (where, how to find right system, beginner fit etc)? obviously you will not give away all your secrets, but I am sure there plenty more young players like that want to do combat anon in low/null but dont know how to start. thx.

    1. Pilgrim in Exile Post author

      Hi fenga,
      Thanks for stopping by. I don’t mind giving away my secrets (it is a big universe), I am just finding that I am not very good at writing guides. I did write a good overview of the stages of exploration (http://wp.me/p41VOB-R), and I am working on filling in the details. I am just slow. And somewhat unmotivated. They say that those who can’t do, teach. And those that can’t teach, write manuals. I am finding that I would usually rather “do” than write guides. I don’t mind answering questions so if you have some specifics, I will try to answer them based on my experiences. (I think part of my problem in writing the guides is that I am tyring to cover all the different options and it is a bit overwhelming.)

      1. fenga

        hehe I feel ya :D

        Until now, I am a total hi-sec carebear. Did tons of missions and sites in hi-sec, but now I am about to enter Phase 3b. But I really dont know where to go in low. What kind of systems should I look for, what should I avoid. I mean I know dotlan, eve-survival and stuff but I am not able to interpret all that low data.

        1. Pilgrim in Exile Post author

          Hmm. Probably calls for a moving to lowsec post. I tend to avoid the faction warfare areas, so that leaves Genesis, Aridia, Khanid, Derelik, Solitude, and Molden Heath as the major systems although there are small chunks of other systems as well. Brave Newbies stage out of Solitude. 7-2 stages out of Molden Heath. Stay Frosty is in Genesis (I think). I am not aware of any major pirate corps in Aridia, but there is a pretty strong Russian presence in Yahyerer and smart-bombing battleships camp the entrance chain from Kor-Azor pretty frequently. Derelik is fairly busy, but decent for exploration. I think there is a French pvp corp there that is pretty active. Khanid has seen some activity lately, but is generally pretty quiet.

          The most dangerous part is always the entrance from high-sec as it is the most likely to be camped. Look for the systems with the least jumps or places where multiple high sec systems access multiple low sec systems. Or go in via a wormhole. Generally, if you are in a cloaky ship you are fine most of the time. When you are just getting your feet wet, I would recommend flying a cheap covops and scouting around. Scan and see what you find. If you come across something good and the coast is clear, then go back and get your Tengu or Stratios and run the site. As you get more comfortable, you won’t want to waste the time going back and forth, but in the beginning it is good to be cautious.

  2. Charlie Conway

    These drug sites your talking about Ive never seen them or really heard of them. Are they documented in any of the wiki pages?

    1. Pilgrim in Exile Post author

      I call them drug sites, but that is not the official name. Using scanner probes, they show up as “Gas” sites and they are listed on the wiki page under “Ladar” Facilities (https://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Ladar_Site_List). Ladar/Gas encompasses two types of site. The first is the gas clouds that you would expect and the second would be more correctly classified as “combat data sites”. The low-end version is “(pirate faction) Chemical Lab” and the high-end version is like “Elohim Sooth Sayer Distribution Base” or “H-PA Crew Crash Distribution Base”. The low-end version has cruisers and lots of missile towers. The high end version has battleships and a mix of lower class ships. They deal a lot of damage, but you can hack the cans using the minigame without killing all the guards.

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