Scanning Links

Final post in scanning week at Pilgrim in Exile.

I previously covered determining probe strength and how much you need for exploration and combat probing.

Here are some links to some other scanning guides:

Faction Fit Pod Odyssey Scanning Guide  – this is actually part 5 of a good 8 part series on exploration since the Odyssey expansion.

How to scan the Penny Ibramovic way: Odyssey edition – Penny (at Tiger Ears) shows how she scans in a thorough, well-written guide.  As always, she has a style all her own.

Eve University– nice overview of scanning and probing, but not as detailed on the “how-to”

Smurfprime’s Probing Guide – This guide is also hosted on the EVE Uni website.  It is a very good “how-to” guide.  Unfortunately, it was not updated for Odyssey so it doesn’t show the Odyssey probe configurations or the skill changes.  It does show what it means when you get “two red dots” or “a red circle” and explains it nicely.  I am including it primarily for that reason although there is other good stuff there too.

Swift and Bitter DSP Guide – This site was pure gold back when Deep Space Probe were used (pre-Odyssey).  The removal of DSP’s should have obsoleted the guide, but I find that I still use it – primarily to remind me which “bands” all the signatures fall in as well as for quick identification of sites.

8 probe cube guide – There are lots of you-tube videos on scanning and many of them are very good.  I point this one out only because it is a little different.  I used this formation pre-odyssey and really liked it.  I can’t say definitively that it is better as I have been too lazy to really test it.  From a combat probing side, it is good because there is no center probe, so you can potentially have all of your probes out of d-scan range.