Milestone: 10,000 page views

This is a blogging post.  Feel free to skip if such things don’t interest you.

Sometime on Saturday, I crossed over the 10,000 page view mark.  This is pretty small potatoes compared to the more established blogs, but I like to celebrate little things.

My last blog review/milestone was on Dec 19 where I celebrated my 50th post.  At that time, I think I had about 1500 page views, so I have picked up a bit of steam since then.  I am now up to 90 posts total and averaging about 150-250 views per day.  Considering that I am writing about a niche topic in a niche game, I am satisfied with that.

About 70% of my daily (linked) traffic comes from Google searches.  About 15% comes from Lowsec Lifestyle (thanks Sugar Kyle!) and the remaining 15% comes from all other blog links combined.  Blogspot blogs have the HUGE advantage of being able to show (and sort) blogs that have been recently updated.  Most of my hits from Lowsec Lifestyle come shortly after I post.  Once my post is more than 24 hours old, the incoming hits from there drop to near zero.

At my last review, I had traffic from 38 countries.  My current count is 76 (now including Iceland!) with the top 5 being US, UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia.  Canada is new to the top 5 and pushing Switzerland to #6.

Top posts for the last 90 days are:

Ninja Salvaging in Rubicon – This was linked on Sugar Kyle’s blog, but most of the traffic to it is internal or from searches.

Tengu Fit: Blood raiders 5/10 and 6/10 – ship fittings generate lots of search traffic

Tengu Fit: Lowsec DED Complexes – see above

New Player Exploration Career Guide (part 1) – this also gets a lot of search traffic.  I linked to it twice on Reddit as part of a response to someone’s question, but that has only generated about 10 hits so far.  Also, I really need to finish part 2.

Sisters of Mercy? A review of the Stratios – this is dropping down the list the farther we get from the Rubicon launch.  I still haven’t actually FLOWN this ship.  Maybe that will change soon.

My top outbound traffic goes to Deep in Eve, Eve Hermit, Markets for ISK, Jester’s Trek, and Intellimoo’s Corner.  3 of the 5 of those have RSS links showing when they have been updated (a poor substitute for blogspot’s features).  The average is still only about 1 click per day per site so I am not sending out a lot of traffic.

The poetry contest generated about 100 hits to the forums, but it generated almost zero inbound traffic.  Exploration Seekers and Forum Poetry Aficionados are clearly separate groups with very little overlap.

I am not sure that I have found a blogging rhythm yet.  Probably my favorite posts to do are the Exploration Logs, but those require actual playtime which has been in short supply recently.


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