A Treasure Hunt…

Some RL events this past weekend have gotten me thinking about setting up a treasure hunt event in EVE.  I have been thinking about one in Highsec targeted at newbies and a more difficult one spread across high/low/null targeted at more experienced players and/or groups of players.

For both, I would use a series of bookmarks in secure storage containers anchored in far off parts of space.  The passwords to the containers would be riddles/problems to solve.  Finding the containers would also require some combat scanning and/or use of the directional scanner and probably some of the new deployable structures.  There would be multiple paths leading up to the final container with a couple of consolation prizes along the way.

I have 2 problems I am working on.

For the newbie friendly one, I want to structure it so that only newbies have incentive to participate and keep griefing to a minimum.  The rewards for this one would be fairly modest and the rules kept uncomplicated.  Not sure how many would be interested, but due to level of effort on creating the paths, it would probably drop down to about 25 participants after the first stage.

For the advanced one, I want to encourage broader participation with multiple starting areas and multiple entry points – but I want everyone to be able to start at about the same time.  For this one, the reward would be more substantial, but the risk would be higher to.  Since multiple people would be on similiar paths, there is a higher probability of combat, traps, griefing, deception – all the things EVE is known for.  I don’t want to encourage that, but I can’t easily avoid it either.  That is ok – these will be experienced players that know the risks – if they choose to participate.  But the problem remains – what is the best way to start this event across multiple systems at the same time without allowing clever players any advantage in pre-scouting or setting up traps before it even starts.  Still thinking about this.

More to come…



2 thoughts on “A Treasure Hunt…

  1. Zif W

    Have them join an in-game channel prior to the event. Once the event starts you announce the starting location in some form of riddle. Could turn the system name into an anagram for added Lols

    1. Pilgrim in Exile Post author

      I considered that. It works for multiple starting locations. Only problem is that the starting containers have to be at a warpable/scannable object, and if people know the contest is coming, they might have already found them and thus have a head start. To partially counteract that the starting containers have to be password protected and inconspiculously named – and they also have to be spread out enough that the first person there can’t take them all and end the competition (for that branch) immediately. I could give out the password when I give out the locations. Still looking for a better solution though.

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