Exploration Cut Short

I had about 2 hours to play today.  About 1.5 hours before downtime and about 30 minutes afterward.  I wad fairly deep in Angels nullsec wandering about.  A couple of days ago I found a C3 wormhole with a connection to highsec only 4 jumps from Amarr.  I dropped off my loot and loaded up on missiles.  In fact I switched out all my lows for cargo expanders and hauled 2 medium secure containers full of missiles back into nullsec with me.  Each container holds 26,000 missiles so I had a good stock for a while.

In my scanning today, I found a wormhole that connected directly to lowsec.  I popped through to investigate and found myself only 4 jumps from my PI planets.  I used the opportunity to empty my launch pads and move a Command Center from an underperforming Gas planet to a Barren planet.  I then hopped back to nullsec and continued scanning.

I found an Angels Fortress.  This is an unrated complex with the possibility of escalating.  I used my mobile depot to refit and put my extra modules and missiles into medium storage container.  I picked the depot back up (leaving the medium secure container in space) and warped to the site.

It is a 2 room site with about 12 battleships and other misc ships in the first room.  I cleared it.  In the second room, there are about 20 (seemed like anyway) webbing and warp scrambling frigates.  I cleared them and went to work on the elite cruisers.  After clearing some of the dps off the field, I attacked the battlestation.  Taking it down to 75% shields triggered some more elite frigates with TP’s so I took them out.  At this point, I was about 5 minutes from downtime.  I decided not to risk it and warped out to wait for the server reboot.

After the restart, I warped back to the site.  The first room was still empty.  In the second room, all of the frigates had respawned so I had to kill them all again.  I took out the battlestation, but didn’t get a faction spawn or an escalation.  Oh well.

I warped back to my medium secure container and launched my mobile depot.  Except my medium secure container was GONE.  I double checked my bookmarks (I always bookmark it twice, just to be sure).  Yep – in the right place.  I checked d-scan.  I saw some Large Standard Containers, but no medium secure container.

Retracing my steps in my mind, I think that I did not anchor the container.  However, I am pretty sure I have done that before and they did not disappear.  Also, I know you cannot anchor secure containers in space above 0.7 security, but they don’t disappear at downtime.  Anyway, I didn’t have a ton in it.  The biggest loss was my sisters core launcher and sisters probes and maybe a faction target painter (which I never use).  There were also a couple of inexpensive Tengu subsystems (nullifier and electronics one).  Total loss was probably less than 150M.  I opened a petition to CCP, but having never done that before, I am not sure what to expect.

The bigger loss was that I was now deep in nullsec with no probe launcher, no interdiction nullifier, and in a PVE fit.  I did keep my cloak and covert subsystem with me, but I still didn’t fancy another 20 plus jumps back to civilization.  Since my WH to lowsec was only 2 jumps away, I decided to go there.  So I am now back in lowsec and near my PI base.  I don’t know if the 2 medium secure containers full of missiles are still in Angels nullsec or not.   They were anchored so if that was the difference, maybe they survived.  I have about 25 days to visit them before they disappear.

I am not sure if I will make it or not.  Generally, I find nullsec to be less conducive to my exploring tastes than lowsec.  There are fewer signatures and the combat ones take a lot longer to run (and more missiles) for a roughly similar reward.  As much as I want to like nullsec, lowsec just seems like home.