Thoughts on loot spew

There is a Dev blog and and a few blog posts out there identifying that the loot spew associated with data and relic sites is going away with the summer expansion.

Oddly, I have mixed feelings on this.  I am not a big fan of the loot spew.  I find it to be a frustraing mechanic that has probably cost  me a lot of ISK.  On the other hand, loot containers had some of their loot increased to accomodate this.  Also, there is a lot more loot out there already.  Prices for rigs (both T1 and T2) have come down quite a bit.  So I have to predict that removing the loot spew will either lower the amount of loot per container or it will lower the overall prices of the loot even more.  So the net effect is that if you were good at managing the loot spew (ie cargo scanning and grabbing the most valuable spew containers), then this will lead to a net loss of income.  Also, my favorite time to gank explorers was when the loot had just exploded and they were madly clicking on containers.

However, the spew mechanic didn’t really fit with the rest of exploration or with EVE gameplay in general.  It was telling that the new Ghost sites did not include it.  I think most players will be happy to see it go away – even if it does lower the profitability of exploration.

The best thing about this is that I will no longer have to dump the “junk” accidentally collected at every site.  I think I hated that part more than the actual loot spew from each site.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on loot spew

  1. Lux

    And good riddance. I could live with the loot spew in normal exploration, but for a short while I was trying to find an incredible rare COSMOS-item in a COSMOS-relic site. I needed this item to access the gate leading to the site with another rare item I needed. Juggling the mini-game and the dozens of rats shooting at me turned out to be fun, but the loot spew just destroyed every effort: Apparently COSMOS-items can turn up randomly in any container. So if there is just that one item I need in a container, I have a 20-1 chance on getting it. Add everything together and the fun is dead. I guess I can try after the Summer expansion again and do something else with my time until then.

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