Exploration Log 22-23 Feb-2014

Welcome to the Exploration Log. The semi-regular updates where I report actual exploration game time along with the results.

Game Time: Approx 4 hours (over 2 days)

Location(s): Blood Raiders Lowsec

System Count: 13

Sites Run: Combat 3 (2 sites, 1 escalation)

Ghost sites seen: 0

Ship(s) Used: Tengu

Profit: ~1,065 million ISK

Comments: I got some play time in this weekend and decided to log it.  I have been pretty swamped with real life so it was a nice break.  I felt like I was able to pack a lot into 4 hours so it was a good use of EVE time.  I found a wormhole in the system next to my PI system that led to a C3 that led to a system only 2-3 jumps from Jita.  First I flew the route in my Tengu making sure it was safe and picking up some items on my shopping list (mostly stuff I lost from my secure container, as well as some Blood Raider tags).  Once I got back I loaded up my Epithal with PI goods.  It held about 300M isk of P2 material.  I safely got it to the HS station and contracted it the rest of the way to Jita.  It was only a couple of jumps so the cost was less than 3M isk.  Spending 1% to avoid a suicide gank as well as couple of jumps is totally worth it for me.  I usually plan on spending more.

Back in my home system, I rearranged my stuff and refit my ship for exploration, combat and travel.  Away I went.  A couple of systems away, I found a Blood Annex.  I ran it and it escalated.  It also dropped some cheap faction loot.  The escalation was about 6 jumps away.  The system was empty when I got there and it isn’t a known pirate hangout so I used a station to refit.  It is easier to use a station, but generally safer to use a mobile depot.  Seemed safe enough and I was lazy so station it was.  I warped to the first escalation.  I killed the overseer, but the site didn’t escalate again.  He didn’t drop anything valuable.

I swung by my home base again for some minor travel changes and then on to a new area.  I didn’t find much for 4 or 5 systems.  Finally, I found something interesting – a Crimson Hand Supply Depot.  There was no one in the system so I took my time refitting.  I made sure to anchor my secure container – just to stay in the habit.  I am using a 6 Launcher configuration that is a bit more expensive (like double), but runs the sites pretty fast.

I warp to the site and discover that the first 2 rooms are empty – no rats and no wrecks.  I am not worried though.  The last 2 rooms are pretty tough and I know many times pilots will walk away from them.  Sure enough, the third room (with the Crimson Sentinel) has its standard complement of NPC’s.  Now normally, I kill the battleships and ignore the Crimson Sentinel.  But tonight, I have a full stock of missiles, a nearby re-supply base, and some extra time (since someone already cleared the first 2 rooms for me).  I decide to try to kill the Crimson Sentinel – just to have a story to tell my wonderful readers.

Guess what – I will never do this again!  To keep him from repping armor, I stayed 62km away.  It took 2 loads of Scourge missiles to get his armor to zero.  Then it took about 10 loads (I lost count) of Mjolnir missiles to finally pound through the 100,000 structure HP.  I blew through nearly 5,000 missiles taking this thing out.  And do you know what it dropped?

crimson sentinel loot

Yep.  Figures.

Anyway, after killing the battleships, I moved on to the final room.  I had to kill 2 neuting battleships before moving onto the Crimson Lord, but the deed was done and down he went.  He was a bit more generous.

crimson lord loot

He dropped a Corpum A-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane, an Ashimmu BPC and some other stuff.  Definitely made up for the other guy.  Satisfied with this, I called it a night.


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