A GM responds…

About a week ago I posted about my nullsec exploration cut short after a medium secure container containing my ship modules disappeared at downtime.  Today, I got a GM response paraphrased below:

This is an exception to our normal policies, but we have returned all items that were inside your missing container to what appears to be your primary hanger in the area.

The GM went on to say that their records did in fact show that my container was un-anchored when downtime hit and kindly reminded me to anchor them in the future. **

So apparently, I did not anchor it, but CCP gave it back to me anyway.  I guess it never hurts to ask.

As a result of this little episode, I re-checked the wiki for secure containers and read the following:

“After you have launched the container, you must right-click it and select the “anchor” option, a process that for large containers can take up to a minute. Be warned that if you don’t anchor the container it will expire in 2 hours just like a regular container. Unanchored containers will also be removed immediately at the next down time. Furthermore, secure containers which have not been anchored will in fact not be secure, anyone with the available cargo space to carry one will be able to scoop it up into their cargo hold. Therefore it is vital that you anchor your secure containers in order to make sure that the contents stay safe. Once the container is anchored, you can set its password and name. Note that setting the password before you anchor the container will NOT work and will leave the container accessible by all. ” (emphasis in original)

So I guess the point is that you should ALWAYS anchor your containers and ALWAYS set the password AFTER you anchor it.  I have been pretty casual about this in the past. I knew that unanchored secure containers could be scooped, but I didn’t know they expired in 2 hours just like regular ones.  I usually don’t bother with passwords because my containers are never at warpable locations.  But I am going to try to get into the habit.

EVE is a game where it is definitely possible to learn new things about things you already thought you knew everything about.

** edited so that I am not directly publishing private communications from CCP.

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