“Goodnight Noob”

goodnight moon


In the great deep of space
there was a Goon
and a welping noob
and a fleet of PL jumping over the moon
and three carebears in Typhoons
web links to kittens and, of course, Mittens
and a little POS and a fleet boss
and a blob on a gate
and pods all irate
and a quiet bittervet whispering “HTFU”.

Goodnight, noob. Goodnight, Goons.
Goodnight, PL jumping over the moon.
Goodnight belt, and the ganking crew.
Goodnight, carebears. Goodnight, ‘Phoons.
Goodnight Mittens, and pics of kittens.
Goodnight, rocks. Goodnight, docks.
Goodnight, POS and goodnight, boss.
Goodnight, blob. Goodnight, gate.
Goodnight, pods. Please don’t hate.
Goodnight to the bittervet whispering, “HTFU”.
Goodnight, missiles and goodnight, guns.
Goodnight and GF, everyone.


– Parody by EVE player Vehestian of “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown.  This poem was an honorable mention in the PLEX for Parody Contest.