Sansha’s Nation Neural Paralytic Facility (Sansha’s 5/10 )

The Sansha’s Nation Neural Paralytic Facility is a DED rated 5/10 complex found by scanning cosmic signatures in the low-sec regions of Derelik, Devoid, Domain, and Tash-Murkon

It is a 3 room complex with Slave Ation09 as the final boss. The official wiki does a nice job of listing the ships you will encounter.

Room 1

1 Sentry Gun

20 Frigates

5 Cruisers

3 Battleships

2 Battlecruisers

Sanshas 5-10-1

Room 2

8 Sentry Guns

6 Frigates

3 Destroyers

5 Cruisers

11 Battlecruisers

8 Battleships

Sanshas 5-10-2

Room 3

9 Sentry Tower Guns

4 Missile Batteries

3 Stasis Towers (stasis web on warp in)

9 Frigates

1 Destroyers

10 Cruisers

6 Battleships

1 Faction Cruiser (Slave Ation9)

Sanshas 5-10-3

Slave Ation09 data (courtesy of Chruker)

Slave Ation09

Fits: I have done this complex with both my generic lowsec fit and a faster, more expensive fit outlined in my Sansha’s 6/10 guide

Tactics:  For those of you who like to blitz your exploration, welcome to you new favorite complex.  In terms of average ISK per hour, this is probably the most profitable complex there is.  And while the incoming dps is high, there is no e-war other than tracking disruption and 3 webbing towers in the final room.

Room 1: Kill everything.  Sentry gun is optional.  With only 3 battleships, this room should go quick.

Room 2:  This is where you can blitz.  The Centus Overlords (see highlighted ships in Room2 pic) control the gate unlock.  They are the only ships you have to kill.  Usually, there are 3 of them, but there may be as few as 2 or as many as 4.  Once they are destroyed, you can activate the gate for the final room.  If you are a completionist, there are more battleships here for you to kill, so feel free.  The dps in this room is high, make sure to maintain some velocity.

Room 3: You are webbed on warp-in and the incoming dps ratchets up quickly.  But as long as you have good range, you can kill the Overseer very quickly.  His weakest resist is EM at 49% so Mjolnir missiles are best (as they are for the rest of the complex).    Bookmark the wreck and warp out.


Bounties are about 9-15 million (depending on if you blitz). 18th Tier Overseer’s Personal Affects (guaranteed drop) is about 42 million.   You may also get True Sansha modules, Centum B-type modules, and/or a Phantasm BPC. The best drops I have received are a Centum B-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane worth about 400 million and a Centum B-Type Medium Armor Repairer worth about 250 million.  You can get more than one drop or you may get nothing.

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