Planetary Extraction

I have been easing back into Eve after doing nothing but occasional update my extractors and monitor my training queue.  Even though it has only been a month, it took a bit to re-orient myself.  It is hard to imagine coming back after 6 months or more.

Things have changed a bit in my home PI system.  When I left nearly a month ago it was a fairly busy system.  I returned because my launch pads and storage silos were completely full and needed to be emptied.  So far after a few hours in the system on the weekend, I have barely seen anybody.  I did some scanning and found a couple of wormholes.  One of them was a connection to null sec.  I checked it out, but it only went to the drone regions.  With the new chance to drop Stratios or Astero tokens, it might be worth trying a combat site there, but I didn’t see any.  The second wormhole was an X702.  That is probably my favorite wormhole just because of the possibilities.  (side explanation – an X702 is a non-static inbound connection to a C3 class wormhole space.  Since a C3 will always have a static outbound connection to empire space this guarantees a connection).

I entered the wormhole and saw I had visited before.  I had a handful of bookmarks already and there were only 2 signatures.  There was the K162 that I came in on and staticmapper told me that there was an expected HS connection.  Perfect.  I scanned it down and entered it and found myself 4 jumps from Jita.  Sweet.

I bookmarked everything and returned to my base.  I loaded up all my non-PI goods into my Tengu and made the 2 jumps depositing about 1.6 billion ISK worth of goods.  I came back and loaded up my Epithal with another 300 million ISK worth of PI goods and made the trip again.  Once it was all deposited at the station, I contracted it to Push-X industries for the 4 jumps to Jita and returned home.  Given that I am about a dozen jumps into lowec and over 30 jumps from Jita, this was about as perfect a setup as I could ask for.  In fact, it was just what I wanted when I setup my PI as dicussed before.   I love wormholes.  I think they are one of the most creative and interesting additions to the game.

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