No more cloaky refitting

Back in December I gave some tips and tricks for using mobile depots.  A reader commented that as long as you are 2500m away from it, you can stay cloaked and still use it.  I tried it, and he was right (the fitting range on a mobile depot is 3000m).

It always seemed a little strange that you couldn’t load ammo or access secure containers in inventory while cloaked, but you could refit modules and even subsystems.  But I still made modest use of the feature by swapping out my covert subsystem and cloaking device last.

I guess CCP thought it was a little strange as well so that feature is removed in Rubicon 1.3.6

Ships and Modules

  • Cloaked ships are no longer able to use the extended fitting range of a Mobile Depot to refit whilst still cloaked.

(you can read the rest of the patch notes here)


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