Limerick Contest Winners

(posted on Eve-O)


These are the winners from the Limerick Contest.

Honorable Mention:
GM Spiral for getting the most votes with this lovely limerick:

A ticket was filed by a man
Who’d lost his jettisoned can
He’d bought all his ISK
And still took the risk
His reward was a permanent ban

Player Winners of 100M isk for most “likes”:

Lucas Kell:

There once was a fella from Jita
Who desired his wallet be fitter
So he found a good deal
Which it seems wasn’t real
And now he is feeling quite bitter.

and (most ironically)
Tyburn Stannis

A contest of poems was the calling
So I penned a swift ditty whilst hauling
But there’s always a risk
Of corrupt “likes for ISK”
And a winner whose rhyme is appalling…

Winners of a Phantasm BPC for being my personal favorites:


I mine only Veldspar for fun
I make just a pittance each run
And although it is dull
I still mine ’til I’m full
‘Cause I like looking out at the sun

Cara Forelli

A rare ship I followed from Hek
And soon I would orbit his wreck
The stargate I jumped through
Scram, web, and then pew
The system, alas, was high-sec

and finally, the winner of a Cynabal BPC as the Poet’s Prize

Sarhyl Connaly

Eve Online is a game without walls,
But this freedom contains painful falls;
Such as learning curve: rough,
meta-game: rather tough,
And controls like a kick to the balls.

Thanks to all who participated and I hope you had fun. Using “likes” as a mechanic didn’t work out as well as I hoped as most of the likes were on the first 2-3 pages even though there were some very good limericks later on. The poet’s council did fantastic job of culling through them and most of their selections (as well as the winner) were from the latter half of the thread. However, it wasn’t quite fair to them as many of them also had submissions that were quite good that probably didn’t receive the attention they deserved. In any case, I feel great about the winners, but I will probably use a different mechanic next time.

A special thanks to the poet’s council of
Nyjil Lizaru, Xanadu Redux, Don Aubaris, Vehestian, Mike Azariah, Barbara Nichole, and Cara Forelli for going through multiple rounds of votes to select the winner.