Laundry Day

Sunday, I clone jumped back to Jita and spent the day selling stuff.  I had around 3-4 billion ISK worth of stuff shipped there over the last month or so and needed to sell it off.

Back when I really needed the ISK, I couldn’t wait to cash in.  Now it feels almost like a chore (this may be a hint that I will never be a market guy).

I enjoy selling the big items, but I had a whole bunch of low-end faction/deadspace modules in the 10M isk or less category.  I think they may end up as bonus items in a newbie treasure hunt.  Salvage has bottomed out so much it doesn’t even seem to be worth selling.  I have about a thousand tripped power circuits as well as other lesser items.  I would love to have a “clear junk” button.

Anyway, I think I converted about 2-3 billion to liquid isk with another 1 billion still in sell orders.  I didn’t really need to buy anything since I am still sitting on an extra PLEX and didn’t need any new equipment.  I bought an Astero BPC and a Stratios hull just for kicks.  Not sure when I will use them yet.

Training wise, I have been a bit indecisive since my last skillpoint update.  I maxed out my scanning skills (astrometrics rangefinding and pinpointing) picked up some E-war skills, maxed out a couple of Navigation skills, and am currently training armor skills.  Intelligence is my highest stat at the moment so I thought I would pick up some of these before remapping.  I think I am going to remapped to Perception/Willpower and train some ship skills next.

Several months ago (before I started blogging) there was a blog banter about the subject of “space rich”.  Most bloggers came down on the side of “it is a matter of perception”.  With that in mind, I am definitely feeling “space rich”.  My Tengu’s are nicely upgraded with high-end deadspace/faction mods and rigs without going over the top.  I am easily PLEXing my account and have enough left over for giving away in contests without touching my liquid ISK reserve.  I have no aspirations of a carrier or funding multiple accounts as of yet – I am content exactly where I am.  We will see if it lasts.




4 thoughts on “Laundry Day

  1. Helena Khan

    There are occasions when having a freighter alt is of use, but for myself the best one has been a link alt. Orca/command ship capable. Maxed skills can make a surprising amount of difference. Not necessary though.

    1. Pilgrim in Exile Post author

      A tengu without a gravitational capacitor warp speed upgrade is about as slow as I can handle flying. I can’t really fathom a freighter – even AFK. I have joked before that I used Red Frog to move 10,000m3 less than 5 jumps and it is completely true. Outside of group content, what do you use the command alt for?

      1. Helena Khan

        DPS :) An astarte can pump out 800+ with rails and drones. They improved out of sight with the recent changes.

        I’m not sure you’d actually classify it as a problem, but once you start getting over a certain threshold of SPs, alts tend to move towards a fair amount of overlap in any case. Much less specialization.

        To (not quite) answer your question, T3s don’t require much in the way of any support. A stratios on the other hand is no where near as tanky… but with skirmish and armor link support it becomes a much tougher wee beastie (sig reduction and resist bonus)

      2. Helena Khan

        Read the next post after making the comment: The command ship idea works as far as support for exploration until they nerf the link range.

        Right now, you only need to be in system. But if you’re operating in null/wh, they tend to make for a juicy target…

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